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Arnold Anderson

Arnold-Anderson  Arnold-Anderson-2

Years at the School: 1946 – 1970 and 1972 – 1972

. National 440 yards Hurdles champion in 19330 1937 to 1939.

Department: Responsibility for Languages

Subjects: French, Latin

. .

From the 1970 School Magazine

A graduate of the University of Canterbury and Christchurch Teachers College, Mr. Anderson began his teaching career in 1937. In the following year he won the distinction of representing New Zealand as a hurdler at the British Empire Games at Sydney. He was National 440 yards Hurdles champion in 1933, 1937 to 1939He was In 1939 he returned as a member of the staff to his former school, Timaru Boys High. After transferring to Christchurch West High School in 1940 he left for England to loin the Royal Navy in which he served until 1944. Returning to New Zealand he was appointed to Naval Intelligence in Wellington, and then after demobilization he joined the staff of Kings at the beginning of 1946. Mr. Anderson’s main teaching interests have been in Latin and French. His many pupils will remember his abhorrence of slovenly work and his insistence on high standards. A firm disciplinarian he has been at the same time very human and a man with a keen sense of humour.Outside class he gave freely of his time in coaching in athletics at a time when the record of school teams in track and field events and in cross-country running particularly good. When it was decided to establish the Sea Cadets as part of the Cadet Battalion, Mr. Anderson again established a very efficient unit which he controlled for several years. In rugby too his services were in demand and he cheerfully gave valued service here. Members of the teaching staff have always found Mr. Anderson a valuable colleague, obliging, cheerful and co-operative. In more recent years he has carried the burden of responsibility as Deputy Rector with considerable calls being made upon him. He again has insisted on high standards of conduct from pupils and has not spared himself in matters of school organisation. Now that he has decided to step down from this position we wish to thank him for all that he has done for King’s and to add a further word of thanks to Mrs. Anderson for her interest in the school.

Died 17.1.1996 age 83

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