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ARMON Stephen L

1973 – 1995

Steve Armon left King’s at the end of the term after a career with us which has spanned 22 years.
His most outstanding contribution to the school has been his remarkable work in producing King’s Week since it began in March 1992 and the annual school magazine since 1979.
As Lindsay Hocking recently observed, “There can be no better school publications in New Zealand.”
Steve joined the English department at King’s in 1973. Paul Aubin, English department head, says he can barely imagine King’s English teaching without Steve!
“Steve has set the highest possible standards in all aspects of his work. Often, his standards have been exemplary to us all”.
Two of Steve’s principal concerns throughout the years have been reading development (especially in his earlier years) and the nurturing of creative writing talent. He has also produced school plays, coached soccer teams, run a bridge club and before that a drama club, one of whose alumni is Derek Metzger, the internationally renowned theatrical actor and singer.
He has been a dean (taking Stuart House to two premiership titles!), a careers advisor, even King’s PPTA branch chairman, has been involved in outdoor education and has been the staff helper on the School Council.

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