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BELL David Raymond P


Dr David BellDavid-Bell


1982 – 1997

Department:  Art

David was an Old Boy of the School 1964 – 1968

From the 1989 School Magazine

1990 will bring new challenges to King’s High School’s Head of the Art Department. In October of this year it was announced that David Bell had been appointed the 1990 Otago University Teaching Fellowship. Only one such position is granted annually and this is the first year it has been appointed in the field of Art History. David wryly admits to some mystery surrounding his disappointment as no Art History department exists at the university!

David first taught at King’s ,eight years ago having previously been at Waimate, Christchurch and originally Dunedin. His formal qualifications he describes as a hybrid degree of Applied and Fine Art from a combination cf courses at Otago and Canterbury Universities and Otago Polytechnic.

And what will the Otago University 1990 Teaching Fellow actually be doing next year? Researching and collating a set of teacher/student resources for the new Art/History course syllabus to be introduced at Form 6 and 7 level, some lecturing in the (he hopes) newly formed Art/History degree course and if time permits a completion of some stage 3 History papers are what David described as his official duties. We wish David well on his sabbatical year and hope that his association with Ivory Tower academia does not precipitate any more attacks of gout.

From the 1997 School Magazine

When David first began at Kings in 1982, the Art Department was a rather dilapidated room, in about the same position as Room 23 is now. The significant improvement to a rather more impressive suite has occurred since David’s time. The staff to have increased to accommodate the necessary courses and numbers of students

The Art Department now offers a wide range of subjects, including Art History Painting, Printmaking, Photography, and Design. One of the most comprehensive ranges of any school in New Zealand. Things have grown under the watchful stewardship of David.

When David was appointed there was just one full time art teacher. He leaves with a staff of six, the largest department south of Christchurch and a reputation as being one of the premier Art Departments in New Zealand. This was founded on the strengths of David as an excellent classroom teacher, who sets high standards for himself and his students’ qualifications. He has both a Diploma of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts (History) and is currently working towards a Masters qualification in Art History. High academic standards are personal as well as professional goals.

David has also had a strong commitment to teacher education. His work as a College of Education tutor in Art Education has lasted over 10 years, and has been of immense value to the young art teachers of the South Island. It is in this capacity that he first met Mr Kennedy.

His appointment as Head of Art at the College of Education will give him further opportunity to enhance Art Education in New Zealand

It is however as a colleague that we will miss David the most. A hard working, sympathetic and successful teacher, a raconteur par excellence, an intelligent, articulate and affable friend.

We look forward to maintaining our friendships with D and we are sure that many old boys will also meet with him in his new role at the College ofEducation.


From the Otago University – College of Education Website – http://www.otago.ac.nz/education/staff/davidbell.html

Associate Professor David Bell

I have a background in secondary school art and art history teaching, and have contributed to curriculum courses for the Graduate Diploma of Education: Secondary since 1986, as well as a range of other art education courses at the College of Education. I continue to teach in this area, and take an active role in secondary art education curriculum review, and in the development of assessment for art history with the Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. I also have a long term interest in the aesthetic sensibilities of Japan, an area in which I lecture, research and publish.

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