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2000 – 2015


HOD Agriculture, Biology, Science

2002 – 2013

Mark Bennett arrived at King’s High School in 2000 from Mt Aspiring College. He quickly set about making his mark on the school in a large variety of ways. He is first and foremost a teacher of Science and latterly of Agricultural Science, a subject he popularised through his own personal efforts. His greatest attribute is his determination to see his students not only achieve, but to reach their potential.
He is also a lover of sports. He brought his own experience
of the front row to his work with a rugby team every year at school. His very last game saw his young charges defeat the old foe 38 – 0, a most satisfying conclusion. Mr Bennett also had a strong association with Softball where he managed many teams along with Coach john Scholten. He had many successes and his fondest memory was winning the South Island Division Two Title in 2013 and coming 5th in New Zealand in the 2014 National Tournament.
Then there were the Man Camp’s, famous with all the boys who attended. Fishing, another passion, must also be mentioned. Many a student was taught skills at the hands of Mark Bennett, who along with Mr Ferry, set up the famous Waiau Fishing Camp for Year 10 students.
Mr Bennett has also been a successful and popular Dean during his time at King’s. He was Dean of Hanover for a number of years before abandoning them to take over as Dean of Windsor. He tirelessly organised and ran very successful interhouse competitions throughout the year and often had lively discussions, especially with Debating judges, as to the reasons why his House should have won or not.
Go well Mark Bennett; experience tight lines and, may the fish you catch be over Slbs. You will be missed by all those who came to know and respect your abilities and personality. King’s will miss you.

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