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BISHOP Kenneth

1996 –


Assistant Principal (Student Welfare)

HOD Social Studies & Geography

From the 2015 Magazine

Ken Bishop’s contribution to King’s was an extended and significant one. Ken was a stalwart of the staff for the best part of twenty years and had a real passion for education and the boys that he considered himself privileged to work with. Ken came to King’s from ERO and his skills were greatly utilised in so many areas. He was an effective Assistant Principal and latterly the HOD of Social Sciences. Ken loved Geography and his real delight was being in the classroom and interacting with the boys. He enjoyed his field trips and involved himself extensively in the co-curricular life of the school. He was a very good rugby coach and spotter of talent and did a fantastic job with the Badminton boys in recent years. Ken was a compassionate man whose life and love touched us all,. King’s was a better place for his presence and a depleted place in his absence.

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