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BROOKS Roger Francis


1986 – 2011

Physical Education


Roger Brooks began teaching at King’s just one year after England’s only Football Word Cup triumph.

A staffroom, now, without ‘Brooksy’ in his customary chair, seems  odd.  However, if you look closely, (back row 5th chair from the window) you can probably still see the imprint of his body.

25 years teaching at King’s, however, demands more respect than we are giving Roger at the moment. Principally in the PE Department, Roger’s contribution has been superb. Unassuming, cheerful and quick with a joke, Roger is missed greatly by boys and staff alike. He has had a heavy involvement in football, running our Academy for five years, coaching the 1st XI and being TIC of football. He also memorably achieved Chatham Cup success  and five South Island League titles as coach of Dunedin Technical and three trips to Ireland for the Milk Cup with the Otago school boys’ team.

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