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BROWETT Harold Dryden [Hec]


1972 – 1996

Hec was an old Boy of the School  1948 – 1951

From the 1996 School Magazine

Hec Browett taught at King’s for 24 years. In the course of his career here he taught “slow learners”, legal studies, became Head of Department of Commerce and developed work experience classes.
He was also instrumental in setting up evening classes in the 1970’s which was one of the most important aspects of development at King’s in that era.
In extra curricular matters Hec contributed to outdoor education, shooting, skiing and to the administration of many and varied thing such as, for example, the finances of the canteen and the bookshop .
Hec’s teaching career also included stints at Tokomairiro, Roxburgh and John McGlashan.
Outside of teaching, Hec served with the New Zealand army during the emergency in Malaya.
He was also Dunedin’s Civil Defence Officer from 1970 to 1972.

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