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1983 – 1993




Peter Buckingham (H.O.D Social Studies), armed with a biro and a very large writing pad, leaves to work at the Correspondence School in Wellington. His job is to teach to some of the more remote teenagers

throughout New Zealand.

From the 1993 School Magazine

When Peter arrived at King’s in 1983 from Kaikorai Valley High School he seemed a very quiet individual, for a teacher anyway. His arrival was clouded by a controversy which was not of his making and he had obviously decided to adopt a low profile as a consequence.
This didn’t last long however, Peter had too much to offer and wasn’t really as quiet and reserved as he had seemed. It rapidly became apparent that he’d had a wealth of experience both in and out of teaching and his ideas were worth listening to and acting upon.
The boys too rapidly found his appearance belied his character. They found themselves dealing with a teacher who set, and exhibited high standards. He also didn’t suffer fools gladly – but quite a few commented that he had two characteristics they liked – he would listen, and he would explain his ideas clearly in terms they could understand.
He has made a lasting impact both in and out of the classroom. His work, particularly in the fields of social studies and English has made a major impact in teaching standards and styles at King’s.
As well he has performed impressively as a dean and head of department – in fact anything he has done he has done well.

Computing has been a particular interest of his and the capacity for clear explanation the boys noted has resulted in many staff being more computer literate than they might otherwise have been.
His major extra curricular interest has been in shooting. He took a declining club, re-envigorated it and, using his contacts in the field, procured rifles and range time to enable King’s to become the predominant shooting school in the province.
In the staffroom Peter showed an idiocyncratic sense of humour and an erratic level of pool playing.
Now Peter is moving in to another challenge at the Correspondence School, swapping the blackboard for the word processor, and classes for wide! y scattered individuals. His skill at preparing teaching materials, and his sense of other people’s individual worth will carry him through. We wonder how he will find Wellington (with its windy politicians and weather). Perhaps he will flee to Trentham and forget the small bores of politics for the full bores of New Zealand’s Shooting Centre.


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