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1989 –

From the 1989 School Magazine


Our King’s groundsman, Neville Miller, took prolonged leave at the beginning of 1989 leaving a vital behind the scenes situation vacant. By coincidence and our good fortune Keith Campbell was able to help out. Keith is however not new to King’s and certainly not naive when it comes to the nurturing of sacred turf.

Keith is an ex-King’s man (1956-59) and while here played for both 1st XI cricket and 1st XV rugby; teams which also included an apparently inseparable pair: Simpson and Hocking! Keith’s ability with bat and ball was soon recognised; playing for the Otago Under 20 side in his last year at school. This led to the under 20 side in his last year at school. This led in turn to the under 23 team and finally into the Seniors in a team in which he played the Plunket Shield Series (as it was known then) on and off between 1963 and 1979. 1972 saw Keith representing New Zealand in their first ever tour of the West Indies. Keith kept wicket and was a No. 6 batsman. In 1974 he went across the Tasman to contest the Australian series.

Keith continued his senior cricketing almost up to the present time, mainly playing for the now defunct Dunedin Club. After experimenting with bowls for three years he has finally settled for golf and presently holds a respectable handicap of 12.

Even before his recent appointment Keith was not an unfamiliar face around King’s. Prior to John Haggarts arrival he assisted Paul O’Connor with the coaching of the 1st Xv.

He has been a professional groundsman for the past 12 years, attending to the University Oval and to Carisbrook. Welcome back Keith, lets hope our teams can do justice to your pristine pitches.


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