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CLARK Douglas B.


1988 – 1997

Biology, Geography and Science

Heavily involved with the Red Cross organisation.

From the 1998 School Magazine

Although having spent the last ten years in Australia Doug Clark is adamant about his ancestry; he is an Englishman. We would be excused however for being confused as his schooling was in America and England. He attended Universities in England, New Zealand and Australia and has worked in England, Germany, East and West Africa, New Zealand and Australia. His jobs and experiences before he became a teacher were equally diverse including trans-European truck driver, British Armed Forces, monkey trapper and agricultural research field officer. Since taking up teaching Doug has taught at Moreau College, Logan Park and a large boy’s private school in Australia as well as lecturing in Animal Sciences at the Victorian College of Agriculture. Doug presently teaches Biology, Geography and Science at King’s. He is married with three children and spends his spare time with his family and also attempting to restore old quality articles back to their former functional glory, like his present house and his old Citroen. His hobbies and interests reflect much of his past life and include cars, especially rallying and Citroens, aircraft, international affairs, terrorism and modern military campaigns, scuba diving and parachuting.

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