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2015 –

Director of Sport

My Name is Dave Conrad and I have been appointed as the Director of Sport for King’s High School.
I previously worked in the Dairy Industry for 37 years as a Distribution Centre Manager for Fonterra. I am married to Trish and have five children and four Grandchildren. My two son’s attended King’s and three daughters attended Queen’s where they were heavily involved in school activities, especially sport, which meant that like most parents we were either; Coaches , Managers , camp Mums / Dad’s or fundraisers.
I was lucky enough to coach rugby at King’s for a number of years including Coaching the First XV. I have been involved in the Dunedin Rugby Club since 1977 as a player, Manager, Coach and Administrator in both the Junior and Senior Club and was honoured to be made a life member in 1999. I have been involved in Otago Representative Rugby sides over the years including Otago Secondary Schools, Otago Under 18 and Otago Colts.
Until recently, I attempted to play Cricket for the Cavaleirs Club which, I have been involved with since 1988. I have also been involved with Rowing, Rugby, Cricket, Touch, Basketball, Volleyball and Netball as a supportive parent and have done my fair share of Cheese Rolls.
I am passionate about people in Sport and, in particular, young people in sport as they are our future. I believe we need to make their experience in whatever activity they choose one they want to continue with once they have left school.
The one thing that has amazed me at King’s, apart from the pupils and staff, is the amount of talented young men King’s has and the great things that they achieve in all walks of King’s Life. Hopefully, I can play a part in helping them to continue achieving, especially in their sporting endeavours. I look forward to working with the wider King’s communit

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