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COX Anna

1998 -2008


HOD Physics

Mrs Anna Cox has been a high profile teacher of mathematics and physics at King’s for some years. The impact diminutive Anna has made has been huge. Her ability as a teacher is well-known and well-deserved; one only has to look at the large number of boys eager to tackle a demanding subject l like physics to recognise that. She has also been a quite wonderful Dean of Tudor House which has been the Manchester United or Chicago Bulls, perhaps Canterbury Crusaders, of King’s Houses over the last few years. Amazingly, for someone also raising a young family, Anna has enthusiastically given her time to a large number of sporting and cultural activities. She has done so without fuss, with great good humour and with a real pride in the achievements of, especially, her surfers, surf life-savers, skiers, snow boarders, basketballers, mountain bikers and the Year 10 trampers who have always enjoyed a superb end of year experience. Anna moves to St Hilda’s Collegiate where she is to take up the position of HOD of Mathematics..

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