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Glenn Dickson ( at Kings 2000 – 2004)

Glenn has been appointed as the new Director of Sport at the School

Glenn has a strong sporting background. He was a professional rugby player in New Zealand representing Otago and the Highlanders. He subsequently moved to the United Kingdom where he played for Northampton Saints for three years and now plays for Weston Mare Rugby.
Glenn is highly qualified with a Bachelor of Education, majoring in athletic conditioning and a diploma of Science from Otago University. He also has a UKCC Level 3 Coaching Qualification.

Over the last four years he has been the Rugby Academy Head Coach at Weston College and the Head Coach and Rugby Development Officer at Weston Super Mare Rugby Football Club.

He has plans for King’s to be a top performing rugby school and looked forward to working with players coming through to the first XV level.

There are also lots of other sports to get involved in. He wanted the school players to be committed and work hard for success.

Glenn attended King’s High School and played at first five-eighth in the first XV. Inside him was halfback Ben Smith – who would go on to play fullback for the All Blacks. The duo have now ended up making rugby their care

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