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Rector/Principal 2001 – 2008

Moved to Abu Dhabi as Principal’s advisor at Bani Yas.

In just 7 years Mr Donald has made a big impact. His first act, however, was a small but significant one-preferring to be called just the Principal, rather than the older, stuffier Rector used at King’s since 1936. Down to earth, hands-on, sleeves rolled-up, involved was the message we got.
Many Principals are liked and respected by their staff; some are also liked and respected by their students, some others, perhaps, by their parents or even their communities, their Board of Trustees and other Principals. A rare few are admired by all these groups and Mr Donald was one of those rare few. We have been proud to have him as our Principal.
Mr Donald knows boys, knows their needs, and has been passionate about boys’ education, to King’s very great advantage. Our NCEA results have improved significantly since he arrived; his desire has always been for King’s to produce well-rounded boys who can appreciate a fine cover drive and fine art, the stage and the stadium. The boys have taken to this with enthusiasm.
King’s Week wishes Mr Donald and his wife Justine all the best for the future and looks forward to his reports as our Special Foreign Correspondent in the Middle East.
Colin has been the Principal of King’s for the last 7 years and his most visible accomplishment is the Performing Arts Centre. Having a PAC allows the boys of King’s to show their talents in a setting that has always been their right, but it was Colin who took the courageous step of getting it built.
But the PAC is by no means Colin’s only success. ERO noted during their last visit that King’s had a ‘good feeling’; boys felt as though they belonged ‘to a place that cared about them.’ Colin is responsible for getting ERO to recognise that ‘good feeling’ and has worked hard to create excellent relationships with the boys, their parents and the staff. This has imbued King’s students with a sense of belonging and pride in being a ‘Kingsman’.
Colin has certainly raised the profile of King’s, within Dunedin and New Zealand. Getting the ODT to feature King’s boys on the front page was certainly a major coup. People recognise King’s as a school that not only produces great sportsmen but students who excel in the performing arts.
Colin has always given his time freely and has been a highly visible Principal, whether watching boys on the sports field or in the concert hall. It is this freely given time that has endeared him to the boys and they regard him as more than a Principal; they also regard him as a mentor and friend.
King’s High School has benefitted greatly from having Colin Donald as Principal and the staff, while wishing him well, are sad to see him go. He leaves King’s with our best wishes and the new Principal will inherit a great school.

Kingsweek, July 31, 2008

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