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1936 – 1962 and 1975 – 1975



Died at Dunedin April 1992


Deputy Principal

From the 1992 School Magazine

R. (Ross) Fraser (Staff 1936-62, 1965) died at Dunedin in April of this year. Ross joined the staff of King’s High School in 1936, where he headed the teach¬ing of both commerce and French. He was also heavily involved in nearly every aspect of ‘school life’.
War services intervened and Lieutenant Colonel Fraser commanded the 1st Bat¬talion of the Otago Regiment from January 1940 until November 1942, becom¬ing Senior Battalion Commander of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, for a time Acting Brigade Commander. After commanding No. l Training Depot at Burnham, he was sent overseas to Fiji to train and lead a battalion of the Fiji Infantry Brigade, but he was invalided home in 1943.
Back at King’s Mr Fraser became Deputy Rector in 1947 and for 15 years en¬sured the smooth running of the school through his meticulous administration and high professional standards, effortlessly assuming the mantle of Rector whenever required.
After retiring from King’s he worked in the Registry at the University of Otago, and later in the legal office of Ross, Dowling and Company, where his years of teaching business subjects were put into practice. At the same time he was
treasurer of the St. Clair Presbyterian Church. Within bowling circles he was highly regarded too as a player, coach and administrator and he was made a Life Member of the St. Clair Club.
Ross Fraser was a gentleman who set and adhered to the highest standards, and who was committed to the recognition and encouragement of the talents of peo¬ple in every field of life.

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