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1986 – 1993


Mathematics and Technical Drawing


To Head of Technical at Gore High School then to Head at East Otago High School – to Head of  Kaikorai College

From the 1993 School Magazine

Ever since I was in your graphics class. When I was in that class I can still remember how scared I was because you was so tall you seemed to reach right up to the ceiling when you were standing alongside my desk. That’s probley why we all called you Sky Lab but never while you were in the room and then we only whispered.
But you were a very good teacher – when you had your question time we all sat on the front edge of our seats and were able to answer questions we did not even think we knew – you helped me find talents that I didn’t know I had.
You taught graphics, mathematics, and workshop technology and when I was in your workshop classes you showed us a very quick way of taking projects to bits that had been glued up wrong.
In the class room it was homework first (‘right yous guys’) then it was a pile of work and more homework and we were always the quietest class, even when you played your different music on the stereo.
Mr Andrews said when I asked him about you that we were very lucky to have had a teacher at King’s who worked so hard right from your first day and that the high success of all the graphics students, especially at School Certificate level was due to the tremendous effort that you had put in.
Your sporting love was volleyball – day and night you worked very hard at raising money for travel and new uniforms – we always looked great on court.
So Mr Geerlofs, I wish you well in your new job at Gore. Mr Andrews also told me that the ceilings down there are a lot lower than here at King’s and you need to be careful. I know that I was lucky to be in your classes. Looking back it was really great and you can be happy too because Mr McNaught. he’s shorter, but he makes us work just as hard.
Good luck,
Guess who.

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