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IDOUR Michael Andrew P



1984 – 1984

1988 – 2007

Michael Idour, Old Boy, teacher, HOD, Dean, coach…Mr Recycling is leaving King’s after 19½ years teaching in a variety of Departments including Maths and English but, more famously, in the Social Sciences for which he has a genuine passion.  It hardly seems credible that Michael won’t be emerging from Room C1 to start 2008-he has become part of the King’s frame-work.

Looking back on his time at King ’s Michael says he will miss the boys, that they have  p r o v i d e d him with his happiest memories , apart that is, from the hydrangeas that used to adorn the school but now sadly have disappeared. Michael’s wit, genial manner, generosity and skills will be missed immensely by his colleagues and the boys. We wish him well in his new appointment at John McGlashan College.


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