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2000- 2018

HOD Mathematics

From 2018 Magazine

 Eric McAuslan started his sojourn at King’s in 2000 being appointed as the Assistant Head of Mathematics having left East Otago tor the greener pastures of Dunedin.
He immediately fitted into the King’s culture. His slightly relaxed but caring approach and his significant mathematical ability gained him the respect and admiration of the students.
Eric was an active participant in co-curricular life.
He was a cricket player/coach of repute and success, a golf maestro and a sublime football manager. He ventured offshore on several sporting forays with school teams.

The last 11 years of his career he has effectively fu!filled the role of Head of Mathematics. He has put together a cohesive and capable team who continually perform with distinction.

Eric has an easy going and affable nature that made him a key pan of the staff group.

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