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MUIR Heather



1987 –


Heather is a Public Health Nurse employed by the Otago Area Health Board, who makes weekly visits to King’s. Her role is to be available for students and teachers and to discuss health issues and resources.
Heather contributed the following notes:
I’ve enjoyed visiting the school over the last four years and meeting the great variety of students. My greatest challenge was doing the follow-up. for the Safer Sex Show last year.
My past. working experiences have prepared me well for my role in working with a variety of people in the community. This background included: cook at Molesworth Station, working at a pub in Aberdeen, Scotland; nursing at Hanmer Springs Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation units; and also nursing at Sunnyside’s adolescent unit.

The ten years as a Public Health Nurse have included working in different communities and schools in Mosgiel, Palmerston and now South Dunedin.

My other responsibilities include visits to Queen’s, Bayfield, College St School, Caversham School and preschools and daycares. I am Heart Beat Programme Co-ordinator for Otago and Smoke Cessation Tutor for Breathe Free.

Next year I look forward to meeting more students to support them in dealing with their own health successfully and of course surviving the Health Service restructuring.

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