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MUIR James Robert


1981 – Guidance Councillor I/c Football

 This week we farewelled a highly valued, long-serving member of staff, Mr Jim Muir. Below is the speech that Deputy Head Boy, Toby Black, read out at the special assembly held for him.

Firstly, I would just like to thank Mr Muir for his incredible 38 years of service to this school, starting as a fresh-faced guidance counsellor in the late 70’s. Over his time at King’s, Mr Muir has been involved in various different groups and activities, lending his time and attention to all different parts of the school. He’s formerly been in charge of athletics and cross country, and one of his strengths was in having an uncannily reliable fundraiser for the various trips away up North. He has also always had a passion for football since his arrival at King’s, be it utilising his coaching, managing or incredibly skilled refereeing at all levels of the game to ensure the sport has thrived at the school. Despite this comprehensive list of accolades and achievements, believe it or not I haven’t yet got to what his primary role at the school is, such is his wide array of skills and passions. As I’m assuming all of you boys know by now, Mr Muir is the school’s guidance counsellor, an incredibly private yet important job. As is the case with the kind of job, all of Mr Muir’s great work with those that need him most is kept under wraps, with little recognition for the work he does. Mr Muir does not have the luxury of a bi annual report on the quality of his counselling, however if he did, I’m sure it would make impressive reading. He’s helped countless boys face difficult times in their lives when they have had no other means of support. While the boys that Mr Muir has helped may not necessarily be high in a percentage of the school roll, his work is some of the most valuable in the school to those in need.

So sir, on behalf of all of the boys at King’s, whether you’ve helped us individually or not, thank you. Thank you for your years of service and tireless work behind the scenes, and I hope you accept this somewhat unusual position of having a fuss made about you.

From the 2016 Magazine

Jim Muir

Mr Muir is one of the longest serving staff members in the history of King’s.  Having attended King’s as a student Mr Muir returned toward the end of the 1970’s and has since that time filled the role of Guidance Counsellor for almost 40 years.  Many students have accessed his support and sought his assistance during that time.  They were always met with a warm smile, a listening ear and a caring heart.  Mr Muir was adept at supporting students with a range of needs and is renowned as a master fundraiser for those who were unable to meet financial commitments.  Mr Muir was also involved extensively in the co-curricular life of the school.  He was heavily involved in football in many different capacities and was also an integral part of the athletics and cross country set up over the years.  His contribution has been an extensive and impressive one.  We wish him all the best for his retirement plans.

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