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1994 – 1996




From the 1994 School Magazine

Filling the huge gap that Mr McLean left on his retirement from King’s High is a fresh faced Eric Newham.
Originating from London and being in the teaching business for 20 years, Mr Newham’s first impressions of King’s were that it is “very, very busy”.
“Play ball with me and I’ll play ball with you.” Those were the words echoed by Mr Newham, so it seems Mr McLean’s shoes may have been
appropriately filled.
Mr Newham brings with him much teaching experience. This ranges from London to Otara, South Auckland; Dunstan High, Central Otago, Marlborough Boys’, Blenheim; Tokomairiro High and then finally his arrival at King’s.

But Mr Newham also brings a keen interest in port, with previous teaching positions in P.E.,Outdoor education and health, this comes as no surprise. Among his more favoured sports are Athletics , soccer and swimming and Mr Newham  hopes to be able to coach in the future. During his first week at King’s Mr Newham commented that the students are “naturally courteous” and he doesn’t see many problems with the students.


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