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PAGE Bronwyn

1981 – 1991

After nearly ten years it’s out to pasture, or more accuratcly, orchard for one the Special Needs Department staff.
Bronwyn left school in the middle of the third term to live on an export apple orchard in Ettrick, Central Otago. I During her years at King’s she was involved in the outdoor education programme, attending in all 19 camps, both at Berwick with the third formers and at Tautuku with the fourth formers where she was able to indulge her love of life in the outdoors and the pursuit of things rural.
Anothcr important indulgence for Bronwyn was the consurning, in generous quantities, of food of all kinds. A fact borne out by nostril and taste buds as the oven in House 4 was used frequently to satisfy her cravings.
Both these will be useful in her new life as she has the opportunity to become involved with orchard doings – be it wielding pruners, picking apples or ‘doing smokos’ Im the workers in the picking and packing season.

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