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ROSIE Judith

1988- 2014


Special Needs

Mrs Rosie has been at King’s since 1988 providing 27 years of  commitment and dedication to the young men who  have passed through King’s during that time.  What sets her apart from the crowd is her high energy approach to everything. If you have not seen Judy coaching basketball from the side-line, you have missed one of nature’s wonders.  If you have not seen her at the Hanover House Day ; mad and nspired at the same time, again you have missed something quite special.And the same can be said of her classroom during sex education – delicate souls must avoid. Judy has filled a large number of teaching roles during her time at King’s. She has taught Te Reo Maori, Mathematics, Physical Education, Health and she was an integral part of the Special Needs Department in its busy days. Indeed it was her tireless work on behalf of those boys which has left an indelible mark on their lives and on hers.
As mentioned Judy poured herself into co-curricular activities. The following list is by no means an exhaustive one: Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis and the Maori Culture Group.
She was the scourge of the makeup department for school productions – woe betide anyone who dithered, or complained. What Judy wanted was what the boys and girls got.  People quickly become memories when they leave a school – so it will be with Judy. But the memory, when called to mind, will always bring a smile to everyone’s face when they think or hear  about Judy.

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