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1994 – 2013

Brian-ShanksBrian-Shanks-2Brian Shanksb

HOD Science

1994 – 2013

From the 2014 School Magazine

Brian Shanks joined King’s as HOD Science part way through 1994 from Taieri High School. He replaced Ross Gillanders, who was retiring after
32 yrs. In 1995 he took over SHa (a Stuart House group), which remained SSk until his retirement in 2013.
Brian quickly became most involved with all aspects oflife at King’s High School. Over the years he coached Cricket and Rugby and most recently took aver the management of Yachting and Sailing. He aad stints with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI teams. It is Rugby however, that he was most involved, in roaching the Colts, Ul5 Panthers, U16 Tigers, UlS Leopards, U14 Panthers and the mighty 2nd XV.
He was heavily involved in Swimming outside of school and he gave the school Swimming Sports the benefit and knowledge of his experiences as a Coach and Official throughout his time at King’s. Brian is an outdoorsman and enjoyed the many camps especially those for the Year 10. It was fantastic having him as prart of the staff on camp. Things were easy, he always was up for a laugh and there were many to be had. Life was there to be enjoyed and the people you shared it with. So there was no sense in sweating the small stuff.
For Brian, Science was about doing and thinking. He encouraged students to get involved in Science Quizzes and the Science Fair. He was supportive of his staff always making sure that they knew he would lend a helping hand. He cared for people outside of class and was always available with a sympathetic ear or some friendly advice. “just relax” ‘Don’t worry” were often his advice. “What can I do to help” sums
Brian up. Often he did not wait to be asked he just got stuck in. He could give you a different way to look at things and see
that maybe the situation was not as complicated as you first thought.
Brian has been a wonderful asset to King’s and he will be missed both professionally and personally by me and the staff. It is almost certain, he will not stop in his retirement but instead spend time with family and probably dabble in some relief teaching.

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