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1985 –

Deputy Principal

From the Rector

Mr Shields has been making a positive difference in boys’ lives at King’s High School for the past 26 years. He has risen through the hierarchy from English teacher, to House Dean to HOD English and for the last 14 years to Senior Management, six of which have been as Deputy Rector. He is a man who stays away from the limelight but who has worked tirelessly for the students of King’s in the classroom and on the sports field. He is a fiercely loyal King’s man who has always had the interests of King’s students at heart. He will leave a big hole just as he has left a huge impression and mark upon our school. We wish him well in his retirement and thank him for the outstanding contribution he has made to King’s.

From Kingsweek December 2011

Daryl, wherever he has taught, has liked and respected the kids, they know that and appreciate it. He has been generous, approachable, caring, always prepared to help and still retains the excitement over the simplest of things, the most modest of achievements in his pupils, that characterises a good teacher; just chat to Daryl about this year’s Under 1 5 Wildcats rugby team, read his contribution to the captain’s magazine report or listen to his pithy Year 13 citations at prize  giving and you’ll see the caring and enthusiasm is still there.

From the 2011 School Magazine


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