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SIMPSON Glenda R (Mrs)

1984 – 1993



Assistant in Remedial Mathematics.

She arrived quietly in 1984 taking a few hours of remedial maths and left just as quietly at the end of the first term this year – insisting on no presentation, no publicity, no fuss.
In between times Glenda was anything but quiet and unobtrusive; she was an enthusiast, a livewire who threw her energies into so many different projects.
In the classroom she diversified from remedial maths into remedial reading and teacher-aiding in a number of classes.
Out of class Glenda was an enthusiastic supporter of all sport. She helped in particular with athletics, coaching relay teams in her lunch hours.
Glenda made a huge input into cultural activities as well:
* she helped the cultural group – together with Trish O’Connor she choreographed items for performance at places like the Town Hall
* she was involved with choral items for junior drama productions
* she choreographed and helped produce numbers for the annual school musicals
* she must have loaned hundreds of costumes over the years, some she acquired from all over the town, many were her own – Trish O’Connor has sighted Glenda’s wedding dress on stage more thar; once, her deb frock, her bridesmaid’s dress, ever: her formal dresses •
It is for this energy, enthusiasm and willingness w get stuck in and help that many of us remember Glenda.
And especially at staff functions – Glenda was always a prime mover at organising our end of year silliness.
We have a number of photos of Glenda dressed up for these occasions – better not to publish most of them, so we used the potato shot (see opposite).
For the life she brought to the place and for her contribution Glenda will indeed be missed … this all sounds as though we shan’t see her again

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