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Pam-StewartPam Stewart2

1986 – 2016

Office Manager

On the first week of May 2016 we farewelled one of our most valued and highly regarded staff members. Pam Stewart has worked in the school office for 29 years, and many of you will know her as the person who fitted your son for his first blazer. However, Pam’s real skill was in remaining calm when she was presented with the 10th, 15th or even 20th draft of the School Prize List on the day of Prizegiving, or when the school magazine was due to the printers and one coach or teacher’s report was yet to be submitted. At these times, she would utter with absolute confidence, “Leave it with me”, eliminating all stress in four small words.
Those who gathered last week shared many stories and the speeches celebrated a very special woman who gave so much to the school. We wish Pam all the best as she retires to spend more time with her family.

From the 2016 Magazine

Pam Stewart

Pam was a King’s institution in the front office for almost 30 years.  She possessed a servants heart and a gracious smile.  Pam started as a part-time typist in 1987.  By 2001 she had become the Office Manager and had database responsibilities, design work and staff responsibilities as well as working closely with and for the Rector.  She continued in this role until her retirement this year.  Pam epitomised professionalism and dispensed her duties with efficiency and accuracy.  She was authentic and meticulous, empathetic and loyal.  Pam will be remembered fondly by all those who had the privilege of working with and knowing her.


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