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1967 – 1984

Technical Drawing

I/c/ Football

From the 1984 School Magazine

Before coming to King’s, about 19 years ago, Mr Timlin taught at Tokomairiro High School in Milton. When he was appointed at King’s, he was the first Staff member to be appointed by the previous Rector, Mr Bremner.

Although Mr Timlin is not an old boy of the school (he attended O.B.H.S.), he settled down extremely well in his new surroundings.

He taught technical drawing, metalwork, woodwork and maths at King’s. His favourite subject was technical drawing, because it had the most variety.

He has been actively involved in administrative and sporting organisation within the school, including being the manager of the Canteen, and coaching soccer, notably the first eleven when they played in Fletcher Cup grade.

Since Mr Timlin arrived at the school, he has noticed many changes, such as the continual development of facilities, including the squash courts, gym extensions, a new metalwork and woodwork block, tech drawing rooms being built into the Craig block and the staff facilities.

Even though Mr Timlin is retiring, he will still be working, as he has a couple of houses to build and he will continue doing activities he already does, like constructing machines, and creating things with his hands.

I am sure everyone at King’s High School appreciates what Mr Timlin has done for the school, and thanks him for his long and dedicated time spent at King’s.

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