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Staff Database

This database presents a list of staff who have served at the School since its beginning in 1936.  Where possible photographs and written material about staff has been addes

ADAMLeonieRectors Secretary2011 -
ADAMSJohnScience2000 - 2001Left to be HOD Science at St Peter's College
ANDERSONArnold T.1946 - 1970RTime at School: 1946-1970, 1972-1972

Deputy Rector (1968)

Department:Responsibility for Languages

Subjects: French, Latin

Details: Lieutenant in Royal Navy 1940-1944.

National 440 yards Hurdles champion in 1933, 1937 to 1939.

Died 17.1.1996, age 83.

From the 1970 School Magazine:

A graduate of the University of Canterbury and Christchurch Teachers College, Mr. Anderson began his teaching career in 937. In the following year he won the distinction of representing New Zealand as a hurdler at the British Empire Games at Sydney. In 1939 he returned as a member of the staff to his former school, Timaru Boys High. After transferring to Christchurch West High School in 1940 he left for England to loin the Royal Navy in which he served until 1944. Returning to New Zealand he was appointed to Naval Intelligence in Wellington, and then after demobilization he joined the staff of Kings at the beginning of 1946.
Mr. Anderson’s main teaching interests have been in Latin and French. His many pupils will remember his abhorrence of slovenly work and his insistence on high standards. A firm disciplinarian he has been at the same time very human and a man with a keen sense of humour.
Outside class he gave freely of his time in coaching in athletics at a time when the record of school teams in track and field events and in cross-country running particularly good. When it was decided to establish the Sea Cadets as part of the Cadet Battalion, Mr. Anderson again established a very efficient unit which he controlled for several years. In rugby too his services were in demand and he cheerfully gave valued service here.
Members of the teaching staff have always found Mr. Anderson a valuable colleague, obliging, cheerful and co-operative.
In more recent years he has carried the burden of responsibility as Deputy Rector with considerable calls being made upon him. He again has insisted on high standards of conduct from pupils and has not spared himself in matters of school organisation. Now that he has decided to step down from this position we wish to thank him for all that he has done for King’s and to add a further word of thanks to Mrs. Anderson for her interest in the school.
ANDERSONArnold T.1972 - 1972R
ANDERSONChristineScience2013 -
ANDERSONJ.W.1950 - 1950RTeaching I month only.
ANDERSONP.A.1972 - 1972R
ANDERSONMichaelEnglish- 2011Michael was an exceptional editor of Kingsweek the Schools weekly newsletter and of the School Magazine.
ANDERSONReganPSpecial Needs2002-
ANDERSONStephenHOD Physics
2009 -
ANDREWSNeil R.HOD Technology1976 - 2013From the Otago Daily Times
After 37 years at King's High School, technology teacher Neil Andrew will retire at the end of this year.

When he started out as a builder more than 40 years ago, the last thing he expected to be doing with a hammer and saw during his career was teaching in a secondary school.

But looking back, the 64-year-old said he could not imagine his life any other way.

After 37 years of teaching technology at King's High School, Mr Andrews has decided to retire and look at some new projects. Mr Andrews came to teaching in 1976 when he found the building profession was in a rut and not paying his bills.

So he went into teaching, with the hope of returning to the building trade when it returned to profitability.

''But I never did go back. I left the building trade on the Friday and I was in a classroom on the Monday.

''It's very infectious, this place. I didn't intend to stay this long.''

Mr Andrews said the hardest thing about changing professions was the constant change in classes.

''You had a new class/project every 40 minutes - not like building houses where you had a new project every few months.''

He learnt very quickly that pursuing a teaching career had many rewards.

Coaching the school's rowing, rugby, yachting, volleyball and smallbore rifle shooting teams and watching boys develop their skills and grow into young men was particularly rewarding, he said.

''I love the family atmosphere here.

''Former pupils still come back to the workshop to offer their expertise and to see what's changed over the years.

''I also teach a lot of the sons of boys I taught when I first arrived at the school.''

His legacy will live on in the many projects his pupils have built over the years, including the school squash courts.

''I built them with the help of all the students carrying concrete blocks every night after school; and I was the communication person between the school, the architect and the builders during the rebuilding of the school.''

One of the major benefits of the job was being surrounded by experts in other fields, he said.

''I was taught photography by a fellow teacher.

''It was one of the many bonuses of going into teaching. You get to pick the brains of other teachers for free.''

Learning to take professional-quality photographs led Mr Andrews to become the school's ''official photographer'', photographing sport, musicals, staff and prospectus images for the school.

He has photographically documented almost every major event at the school since 1976, and has been the official photographer of many former pupils' weddings.

Mr Andrews will retire at the end of this year to become an apiarist (beekeeper).

He has tended many hives part-time in Central Otago over the years as a hobby, and now plans to move to Alexandra and make it his ''life after retirement''.

Mr Andrews said he would inevitably miss the pupils the most when he left the school.

So he planned to return to the school occasionally to continue photographing important moments in the school's history.

As he said: ''It's very infectious, this place.''
ARCHIBOLDNathanPhysical Education-2003
ARMONS.L.1973 -
ARMSTRONGAlfred NeilP1975 -
ARMSTRONG SarahArt2002 - Marries to become Mrs Sarah Sharma when she marries Robin Sharma
ARNISONBarrySpecial Needs
ARNOLDT.J. [Baby]1936 - 1951R
ARRANW. [Mr]1968 - 1968RPart time.
ASHTONDavid Ianp1981 -
AUBINPaul E.1969 - 1969R
AUBINPaul E.Head of English1972 - 1996R25 years teaching at Kings
AUBINM.R. [Mrs]1974 -
BACHOPR.G.1953 - 1953RPart time.
BAILEYT.L.1938 - 1939R
BAIRDS.W.1966 - 1967R
BAIRDS.W.1972 - 1972R
BAKERR.D.1974 - 1978R
BARKAWAYW. [Mrs]1966 - 1966R3rd term only.
BARRJohn DavidPHOD Mathematics & HOD Computing1971 - 2008RAt the end of the year, Mr John Barr announced his retirement. John has spent most of his life at King's. He was a pupil here from 1957 to 1962, having travelled just a few metres from MacAndrew Intermediate. A stint at Corstorphine School and Lawrence District High, a degree in maths and science and John was back at King's in 1971, where basically he has stayed until now.
John has headed two departments, Mathematics and Computing, and outside the classroom has been most well-known for his role in managing and coaching basketball. In 1996, King's, famously, had twenty-six teams entered in the Friday night basketball competition. In 1997, the 1" V was ranked third in the country and, in 1998, was ranked second in the country¬a testament to John's enthusiasm for the sport. John was also heavily involved in basketball at provincial and national level. For four years he was on the National Executive of Basketball New Zealand and, for seven years, was President of Basketball Otago.
John has also contributed hugely to his community through his involvement in Jaycees and Lions. Affable, undemonstrative, knowledgeable, John has devoted much of his life to King's and we wish him well as he embarks on his well-earned retirement and his plans to spend more time with the family, to travel, to get into photography and music, the garden, the beach, the gym, reading, genealogy as well as continue his education in computing.
BARRM.A. [Mrs]Typist1983 - 1994
BASSETTIan GarryPBandmaster1960 - 1960R
BATESL.C.1966 - 1966R
BEAGLEYB.W.1953 - 1953RPart time.
BEATSONColin L.1956 - 1962RDied January 1983.
BEGGOliver J. [Ollie]History1937 - 1946RDied at Christchurch April 1973.
BELLDavid RaymondP1982 -
BELCHERTimAssistant Sports Master2013
BELLJohnMathematics2009From OBHS
BENHAMMichaelHOD History and Social Studies2002 -
BENNETTAlan JamesP1957 - 1959RDied at Tauranga 6.9.1973.
BENNETTE.W.1941 - 1943R
BENNETTAlvaSpecial Needs
BENNETTMarkHOD Agriculture, Biology2000 -
BETTSClifford George1956 - 1956R3rd term only.
BIGGINNickScience2002 -
BISHOPKennethHOD Social Studies & Geography
BLOOMFIELDW.H.1970 - 1974R
BOARDMANJ.E.1962 - 1963R
BOTHWELLT.1956 - 1957R
BOTTINGG.H.1960 - 1960R1st term only.
BOTTINGG.H.1963 - 1966R
BOVETTT. [Mrs]1953 - 1953RPart time
BRACANOVM. [Miss]1974 - 1974R3rd term only.
BRAGGDouglas ClarkP1971 - 1971RPart time.
BREMNERJohn B.Rector1966 - 1981RStarted in 3rd term.
BREWSTERMarekMathematics2013 -
BRIESEMANA.F.Bandmaster1962 - 1982R
BROOKD.W.1966 - 1967R
BROOKD.W.1970 - 1975R
BROOKER.A.1977 - 1977R
BROOKSRobynHOD Languages1988 -
BROOKSRoger Francis1986 - 2011 25 years teaching at King's, however, demands more respect
than we are giving Roger at the moment. Principally in the PE Department, Roger's contribution has been superb. Unassuming, cheerful and quick with a joke, Roger is missed greatly by boys and staff alike. He has had a heavy involvement in football, running our Academy for five years, coaching the 1st XI and being TIC of football. He also memorably achieved Chatham Cup success and five South Island League tides as coach of Dunedin Technical and three trips to Ireland for the Milk Cup with the Otago school boys' team. Good luck and best wishes, Roger.
BROWETTHarold Dryden [Hec]P1972 -
BROWNWaynePhysical Education and Science2000-
BROWNMichelleResource Teacher - Learning and Behaviour--2013To RTLB Tauranga
BROWNEP.A. [Mrs]1969 - 1972R
BURFORDJoeTeacher Aid2009 -
BUSSELLW.T.1962 - 1962R1st term only.
BYARSDonald A.Music - Part time1953 - 1953RAssociate Professor of Music at Otago University for over 20 years. Died 1988.
CADMANLauraEnglish as a second Language (ESOL)
2013 -
CAIGOUC.A.1957 - 1959R
CAMPBELLA.F.1969 - 1969RPart time.
CAMPBELLG.H.1936 - 1936RTeaching I month only.
CAMPBELLIainHOD Professional Catering1985 - 2013
CASSIDYSeanHOD Physical Education2002 -
CECCHIJ.1975 - 1975R
CESSFORDL.W. [Laurie]1947 - 1968RDied at Dunedin 17.7.1968.
CHAMBERSBarbaraMathematics and Computing2002 -
CHARLTONF.A.1945 - 1953R
CHETWINArthur HerbertP1950 - 1958R
CHISHOLMDudley S.1st Rector1936 - 1947RHon. Life Member of KHSOBA in April 1958. Died 12.7.1966 in 84th year.
CHISMANA.G.1937 - 1956RDied 1977.
CLARKA.1959 - 1963R
CLARKDouglas B.1988 - 1997R
CLARKA.L.1977 -
CLARKSONLouis Ross1970 - 1970RPart time.
CLAYMANPaulMusic Tutor
CLEARWATERK.Groundsman1982 - 1982R
COATOND.A.1974 - 1976R
COATSWORTHK.1942 - 1942R1st term only.
COLLIERG.R.1968 - 1970R
COLLINGG.R.1975 - 1975R
COLLINSC.F.Music Teacher1947 - 1948RPart time.
COLLINSP.L.1970 - 1970RPart time.
COOPERA.W.1942 - 1942R
CORKINR.L. [Dick1987 - 1996RDied at Dunedin 23.11.1996 or 25.11.1996
COWLEYR.E.1969 - 1970R
COXAnnaHOD Physics-2008
COXJohn G.1983 -
COXONA.F.M.1955 - 1961R
CRAIGHenry Hodgson [Harry]Rector1962 - 1966RRector from 1962 to 1966. Served in the Pacific with 29th Light Aircraft Regiment. Later after 1966 became northern regional superintendent of education. Died 24.10.1996 visiting Australia.
CRAIGIEPhilipGroundsman1972 - 1972R
CRIMPS.R. [Bob]1936 - 1961RHon. Life Member of KHSOBA April 1958. Died at Dunedin 9.2.1969.
CUSHENJohn Arthur JamesPGeography, Social Studies to Associate Principal1984 - 2000
DAKINSLouisePhysical Education, Social Studies, Health2003 -
DALZIELE.1942 - 1942RTeaching 2 months only.
DAVIESLaurie ScottP1955 - 1958R
DAVISMarkOutdoor Education, health, physical education2004 -
DAVISSharonLiaison Overseas Students
to Rectors Personal Assistant
- 2013
2013 -
DEANJoshuaSpecial Needs
deJONGC.1973 - 1974R
DERKSB.M. [Mrs]Typist1970 - 1977R
DICKINSONTonyPhysical Education- 2001
DOBBIEK.G.1952 - 1952RPart time.
DODDSLeonard Ross [Ross]P1965 - 1965R
DONALDColinRector/Principal2001 - 2008RIn just seven years Mr Donald has made a big impact. His first act however, was a small but significant one – preferring to be called just the Principal, rather than the older, stuffier Rector used at King's since 1936. Down to earth, hands-on, sleeves rolled-up, involved was the message we got.
Many Principals are liked and respected by their staff; some are also liked and respected by their students, some others, perhaps, by their parents or even their communities, their Board of Trustees and other Principals. A rare few are admired by all these groups and Mr Donald was one of those rare few.
Mr Donald knows boys, knows their needs, and has been passionate about boys' education, to King's very great advantage. Our NCEA results have improved significantly since he arrived; his desire has always been for King's to produce well-rounded boys who can appreciate a fine cover drive and fine art, the stage and the stadium. The boys have taken to this with enthusiasm.
King's Week wishes Mr Donald and his wife Justine all the best for the future and looks forward to his reports as our Special Foreign Correspondent in the Middle East.
Colin has been the Principal of King's for the last 7 years and his most visible accomplishment is the Performing Arts Centre. Having a PAC allows the boys of King's to show their talents in a setting that has always been their right, hut it was Colin who took the courageous step of getting it built.
But the PAC is by no means Colin's only success. ERO noted during their last visit that King's had a good feeling'; boys felt as though they belonged 'to a place that cared about them.' Colin is responsible for getting ERO to recognise that 'good feeling' and has worked hard to create excellent relationships with the boys, their parents and the staff This has imbued King'.1 students with a sense of belonging and pride in being a 'Kingsman',
Colin has certainly raised the profile of King's, within Dunedin and New Zealand. Getting the ODT to feature King's boys on the front page was certainly a major coup. People recognise King's as a school that not only produces great sportsmen but students who excel in the performing arts.
Colin has always given his time freely and has been a highly visible Principal, whether watching boys on the sports field or in the concert hall. It is this freely given time that has endeared him to the boys and they regard him as more than a Principal; they also regard him as a mentor and friend.
DONOVANA.N.1954 - 1956R
DORRIANM.K.1980 - 1980R
DOUGLASNeil RussellP1974 -
DRYDENJoanneMusic2013 -
DUKESWarrenPhysical Education1973 - 1974R
DUNBARJohn Wilfred DermerP1970 - 1974RDied at Dunedin 17.9.2001.
DUNCANE.R.1940 - 1940R
DUNLOPR.C.1978 - 1981R
DUNWOODIEI.R.1966 - 1967R
DWANBeverleyMusic Tutor
EADEDarrenEnglish2013 -
EDMONDSChristopher JohnP1973 - 1973R
ELLENBERGERP.M. [Mrs]Secretary-Typist1978 - 1983R
EMILEManu W.PTeacher aide2009 -
EMSLIES.G.1941 - 1975RDied 13.10.1981.
ENSORL. LeF [Len]1936 - 1941RDied at Auckland early 1968.
ENTWISTLER.J. [Mrs]1974 - 1974R
EWEBANKSteveTechnology2003 - 2007
FAIRHURSTMichaelMusic- 2001
FAMILTONRae Turner [Rae]Liberal studies programme1953 - 1976RMajor in 20th Armoured Regiment overseas.Deputy Principal 1970 until retirement in 1976. Died at Dunedin 16.3.2004.
FARISJ. [Mrs]1985 -
FARRANTE.D.1967 - 1967RRelieving.
FERGUSONI.T.1977 - 1979R
FINNIEWilliam DonaldP1963 - 1963RPart time. Died at Dunedin 24.11.1980.
FLAVELLN. Raymond1964 - 1975RDied April 1984.
FLYNNJonathonMathematics0000 - 2008RTo New Plymouth Boys High School.
FOOTEBarrie JohnP1974 - 1976R
FOSTERA.H.1959 - 1961R
FRANCISR.Music Teacher1944 - 1946RPart time.
FRANCISW.L.Woodwork Instructor1937 - 1947RDied 15.4.1973.
FRASERE.D. [Ted]1959 - 1965ROf Paraparaumu Beach. Died at Wellington 15.4.2002.
FRASERRossCommercial1936 - 1962RDied at Dunedin April 1992.
FRASERRoss1965 - 1965R
FROSTBryan J.Assistant Principal1974 -
FURNISSK.1977 - 1977R
GALEM.1972 - 1972RPart time.
GARRETTG.M. [Mrs]Secretary-Typist1953 -1962R
GEARYThomas Francis Clive [Clive]PHead of History & Geography1951 - 1981RFoundation pupil at school. Was a great batsman & a great 1st five eighth.
GILKSAlexArt- 2001
GLASGOWKeith William Rutherford1936 - 1936RTeaching 2 months only. Died 4.10.1958.
GODDARDJ.R. [Ms]1979-
GORDONRalphHOD English2008 -From Horowhenua College.
GORRINGER.W.1972 - 1972RPart time.
GRAHAMReginald KennethP1955 - 1955R3rd term only.
GRAHAMReginald KennethP1958 - 1966RDied at Sawyers Bay 29.8.2007.
GRAHAMTonyEnglish Dept
GRAYK.M.1953 - 1953RPart time.
GRAYJohn AlexanderP1987 - 2013
GREENLeslie ArthurPBandmaster1961 - 1962R
to HOD Computing
2002 -
GREAVESMichaelArt2003 -
GRIGGA.S.1942 - 1942R
HAASEG.G.1958 - 1972R
HAIGA.V.1968 - 1968RRelieving.
HAIGHDennis JohnPAssistant Caretaker & Rugby Manager1997 -Heavily involved in school sport.
HANDKevinComputer Technician
HARBOTTSimonPMathematics2011 -
HALLCraigMaori and Music2003Craig worked hard to establish the Whanau Room for Maori students.
HARFORDJenniLibrarian- 2002
HARFORDJoanna2003Maternity leave from 3rd term 2008.
HARRISChristopher Frederic Paul [Paul]P1970 - 1972R
HATHERLYC.R. [Tad]1975 - 1984RDied 1.4.1984.
HAVILLB.W.1977 - 1977R
HAYE.J.1938 - 1950R
HAYMargaret A. [Mrs]Secretary-Typist to Executive officer1984 -Mrs Margaret Hay leaves us after close to 27 years. Margaret has been a huge part of life at King's and seen massive changes since her arrival in June 1984. She has been secretary for three Rectors, and one Principal, beginning when Ian Simpson had just taken over from Jack Bremner.
When Margaret first arrived, Dunedin State schools had a Board of Governors and the trendy 'Tomorrow's Schools' idea was still on the horizon; King's did not get its own individual Board of Trustees until 1989. It was then Margaret began her long stint as Secretary to the Board ofTrustees as well as her other duties.
Margaret had arrived at King's in 1984 from positions at Otago University in the accommodation office and secretary to the OUSA. King's looks vastly different now from the way it looked then. Virtually nothing remains of the school Margaret started in and the change in technology has been equally dramatic. When Margaret started, she sat behind a type-writer, not a computer. In fact, part of her job was typing up this very magazine. King's roll was tiny then, too, around 400, climbing to its peak of almost 1000 pupils in the mid 1990's.
King's has been "a great place to work" and Margaret says she has "always loved it". It is "a happy school" and she feels she has been "lucky with all the Rectors" and "good Boards"; without doubt, they all feel the same about their Secretary.
With the increase of technology and the advent of Tomorrow's Schools, Margaret's job has become far more demanding. Parents, too, have much higher expectations of their son's school now and the red tape involved in her job these days is 'huge'.
Margaret's commitment, integrity and skill can't be matched. We've all marched into your office with our demands over the years, Margaret, usually expecting instant action, often because we weren't as organised as you, and had left things until the last minute. When we deserved a kick in the pants we usually only got a quiet look and our quite unreasonable requests were met with your accustomed efficiency and good will. How we will cope now, we don't know. Thank you and best wishes, Margaret; enjoy your retirement in Wanaka.
HAYESEdward [Teddy]1936 - 1967RDied 1992.
HAYESEdward [Teddy]1971 - 1971R
HEENANJeremy DenisPGateway Co-Ordinator2006 -
HENDERSONM.M.1982 - 1985R
HERDENLukePTeacher Aid2003 -
HINDE.C.1964 - 1964RPart time.
HOCKINGLindsay JamesPDeputy Rector to Rector1986-Taught for 22 years at Taieri High School. Deputy rector from 1986 to 1997, but acting rector from 1993 to 1995.
HOGGD.A.1940 - 1940RTeaching 1 month only.
HOSKINI.G.1969 - 1975R
HOULISTONJ.A.1967 - 1967RPart time.
HOWARDA.K.1971 - 1976R
HOWARDBasil H.Deputy Rector1936 - 1944R
HOWARDN.G.1954 - 1959R
HUCKERB.1969 - 1969R
HUGGETTJohn P. [Dr]1958 - 1959R
HUTTONA.M. [Miss]1983 -
IDOURMichael AndrewP1984 - 1984R
INGLISRonald GeorgeP1966 - 1979R
JEFFERYWilliam Edgar [Garry]P1954 - 1956R
JOHNSONI.R.1982 - 1984R
JOHNSTONEG.J. [Miss]1979 - 1979R
JOHNSTONEBenjamin [Ben]PTechnology Dept.2008 -
JONESI.L. [Mrs]1942 - 1943R
JONESJ. [Miss]1942 - 1942R1st term only.
JONESL.1960 - 1960RTeaching 1 month only.
JOPSONVickiHOD Biology2003
JOYCEF.E.1971 - 1971R
JOYCEBernadetteInternational Tutor
JULINMark WilliamPCleaner2007 -
KELLIANSandraArt (photography)2003
KENNEDYBlairHOD Art & Art History1989 -
KENNYD.K.1977 - 1977R
KEANEYPhilippaEnglish2011- Helped with Stage Challenge
KIMSueJapanese2011 - Came from South Otago High School
KIRKMAND.E.1977 - 1979R
KIRTONEarle W.1966 - 1966RPart time.
KLITSCHERLorraineDirector Oversas Students
KOEDYKGrantMathematics1988 -
KONIDanMathematics204 - Heavily involved in Touch Rugby
KRONFELDJosh A.Mathematics1994 - 1995R
KUROSAWAYoshimiJapanese- 2010
KYLEGaryHOD Commerce1987 -
LAGOCKIH.F.R.1977 - 1977R
LAINGB.N.1969 - 1969R
LAMBR.A.1963 - 1963RPart time.
LAMPENRoger FrancisP1967 - 1968R
LANGWilliamRector1948 - 1961RMA. Master at Otago Boys High School from 1924 to 1947. Served on Fanning Island and New Caledonia during the war. Rector 1948 to 1961. Born 1902. Died 7.4.1980.
LARKINSWarwick Norwood [Fox]PSports Co-Ordinator2001 - 2011 Mr Warwick Larkins, sports co-ordinator, is, of course, something of a Dunedin legend: a former grave digger, NZ Cricketer (v Holland), writer, and tireless worker for the Old Boys, raconteur and walking encyclopaedia of sport, especially cricket. Warwick, a pupil at King's in the l 960's, began working at King's as far back as the 1980's when he was assistant groundsman. He returned as Rick Mains' Assistant Sports Coordinator a decade ago, taking over Rick's job on his retirement. Warwick was always generous with his time contributing to a wide range of sports, including the unglamorous ones nobody else wanted, such as bowls and petanque.
His contribution to the 'old Boys, and therefore the school, has been immense - Secretary, President and currently, Vice President. He was made a Life Member in 2003.
Warwick no doubt misses the camaraderie of being at King's and we are missing his stories, wit and knowledge. Any day when you bumped into Warwick for a yarn about cricket was instantly improved.
Received NZOM in 2000 for services to sport.
LATTAAdrianEducational Tutor
LAUC.F.1969 - 1969R3rd term only.
LAURENTP.F. [Mrs]1973 - 1973R
LAWRENCEGraeme AlfredP1967 - 1967R1st term only.
LAWRENCEL.1963 - 1963RPart time.
LELEIFUACliffEducational Tutor
LEVICKDavid RussellP1982 -
LEWISG.R.G.1962 - 1962RPart time.
LEWISKelvinCaretaker2008 -
LEYDENDawnStaffroom Assistant
LINDSAYRichardHOD Health & Director of Sports 2001 -
LIPINEWendyEducational Tutor
LOCKHARTDouglas W. [Doug]1953 - 1979RDied at Green Island 19.6.1999
LUKEHayden Physics and Science2009 - 2010Managed basketball and volleyball teams. He was very willing to help with Outdoor Education
MacDOUGALLW.P.1957 - 1957R2nd term only.
MacDOUGALLW.P.1960 - 1962R
MacKAYJ.M.1979 - 1984R
MacLOUDHeatherLibrarian2003 - 2003
MAGORIANJune E. [Mrs]Secretary-Typist1970 - 1975R
MAINSRickPSports Co-ordinator, Sports Studies-2003
MARTINBradMusic Tutor2013 -
MASLINR.W.1940 - 1940RTeaching 2 months only.
MASONGaryTechnical- 2002Board of Trustees Staff Representative.
MATHIASD.Thomas G. [Tom]1954 - 1963RDied at Timaru 24.7.2007.
MAYHEWWilliam Richardson1945 - 1954RDied at Dunedin 13.6.1954.
McAUSLANEricHOD Mathematics
McCALLUMG.W.1966 - 1966R
McCLYMONTW.G.1962 - 1963RDied 1970.
McCREADYJames MacintoshPDeputy Rector1950 - 1980R
McDONALDA.1964 - 1965R
McDONALDR.R.Bandmaster1951 - 1960R
McGOOKINM.L.1978 - 1980R
McGRATHKarenTeacher Assistant
McGREGORG.D.1953 - 1953RPart time.
McINDOEJohn HectorP1942 - 1942RTeaching I month only.
McKAYJimMusic Tutor
McKENZIEIanOccupational Therapist
McKERROWAllan RobertP1971 - 1971RPart time.
McKINLAYJames ThomasP1967 - 1973R
McKINLAYTrevor StantonP1968 - 1968R
McLEANDaniel1979 -
McLEANDuncanEnglish to
HOD Professional Catering
2008 - 2013
2013 -
McLEODMrs1943 - 1943R
McMILLANR.W.1945 - 1950R
McNAUGHTRichardHOD Graphics
McPHERSONRonCaretaker1966 - 1973R
McPHERSONLloyd Angus JohnPCraft design2005 -
MEIKLEJOHNBillGroundsman1964 - 1971R
MEIKLEJOHNJohn Barclay1960 - 1967RDied at Dunedin 12.10.2000.
MERRITTPhilip RogerP1975 - 1976R
MILLERPaulPSports Co-ordinator2011 - One of our Schools All Blacks
MILLSD.J.1985 -
MINNH.R.1942 - 1944RPart time
MITCHELLJamesCaretaker1973 - 1974R
MONIND.J.1968 - 1968R
MOOREJ.T.1936 - 1936RTeaching I month only. Died 1984.
MORERhondaFinancial Assistant
MORRISONDouglas A. [Doug]1947 - 1956ROf Arrowtown. Died at Dunedin 10.12.1998.
MOWATJuliaSpecial Needs
MUDFORDA.R.1971 - 1972R
MUIRJames RobertP1981 -
MUIRHEADW.J.1953 - 1953RPart time.
MULCONROYBevReceptionist2002 -
MUNROErnest JeffersonP1969 - 1970R
MUNROGeorge D.Caretaker1994 - 2004R
MUNROPatCopying Secretary- 2004
NEVINStephanie A.O.Secretary- Office manager1978 - 1994RDied at Dunedin 10.1.1997
NOTMANA.C.1963 - 1963R3rd term only.
NOTMANA.C.1965 - 1965RDied 1966.
NYHOFSimon.1981 - 2003
O'BRIENS.M. [Mrs]1976 - 1976R
OCKWELLHuia RobertP1961 - 1963R
OCKWELLHuia RobertP1969 - 1974R
O'CONNORP.W.J.1971 - 1973R
O'CONNORP.W.J.1982 -
ODDIEE.M. [Miss]1942 - 1943R
O'HARAChris C.Caretaker1936 - 1953RDied April 1958.
OTTLEYK.C.1961 - 1961R3rd term only.
PAGEIan WilliamP1957 - 1979R
PARSONSAndyTechnology- 2004Andy Parsons, good team man, unflappable, sly smile, leaves us, too, having been poached by a rival franchise, Logan Park where he has gained promotion to HOD Technology. Andy has taught at King's since 1990 mainly in Technology but he remembers doing Form 3 computing in B9 with one computer between two and when one megabite of RAM and Mac Pluses were exciting. Andy quietly and efficiently organised the King's formal for 4-5 years and always helped construct the Stage
Challenge and drama production sets. In fact, Andy's time here shows that if you stay long enough you'll eventually get asked to do just about anything, so he has also helped with: rugby, basketball, soccer, sailing, camps and tramps. The staff banter and morning briefings where 'you could usually find someone less fortunate than yourself being made fun of' are favourite memories. The kids'disharming honesty too has impressed Andy and, of course, working with characters like Garry Mason and Neil Andrews has always kept him on his toes. 'If you survived staff briefing you could never be sure quite how the day would pan out down there.'
Andy still laughs at thoughts of all the musicals he helped with. 'We always told Frosty the sets were ready to go, even though they hadn't been started. We only ever built them a couple of nights before the show because that was when he always changed his mind about the design, thus necessitating a complete rebuild if we weren't careful.'
Deputy Rector
PATTERSONW.G.1961 - 1971RDied 1974.
PATTILLOJ.A.FrankCaretaker1954 - 1966RDied at Dunedin 26.1.2002.
PELVINA.R.1964 -
POOLELaurieTechnology2003 - 2003Left during term 2.
PETTITR.M.1974 - 1980R
PHELANEdward Linton [Lin]P1954 - 1954R
PHILLIPPSMr1948 - 1948RTeaching I month only.
PINNINGTONM.H.C. [Mrs]1967 - 1967R
PORTF.C.J.Music1949 - 1950RPart time.
POSTGATEC.W.Physical education1948 - 1949RPart time.
POULTERMonteith [Mont]Rowing coachDied May 1993.
PRAGNELLI.F.1957 - 1957R3rd term only.
PRICEA.E.1954 - 1957R
PRINCER.1976 - 1976R
PURDONGaiSpecial Needs
QUINNKevin B398J.D.1950 - 1953R
RAEA.F.1959 - 1960R
RANYARDR.W.1963 - 1964R
RAWLINSONA.F.1965 - 1968RDied 1983.
REDDIEXDanEconomics and Mathematics to
2001 -
2008 -
8th Rector
REDMANRhondaScience Technician
REGGETTMichael PrainPGroundsman2005 -
REIDMr1948 - 1948RTeaching I month only.
RICHARDST. Raymond [Curly]1936 - 1951RHon. Life Member of KHSOBA April 1958. Died 22.4.2001.
ROBERTSC.C.1941 - 1950R
ROBERTSONJ.D.1951 - 1961R
ROBINSONA.H.Singing1937 - 1942R
ROBINSONKeith V.1954 - 1956RDied at Dunedin 18.3.2004.
and Mathematics
2011 - 2013Left to work on Nepal.
RODLERE.1966 - 1966R
ROSIEJudithSpecial Needs
ROSSDave1984 -
ROSSDavidHOD Special Needs
ROSSDavid E.1985 -
ROSSGlenysSpecial Needs
ROWLEYB.D. [Mrs]1979 -
RUTHERFORDSimonMathematics and physical education2004 -
SALTERHarry R.1964 - 1981RDied at Dunedin 28.11.2000.
SAWELLR.G.A.1957 - 1960R
SAWERSE.M.Physical education1952 - 1952RPart time.
SAWERSM.G. [Mrs]Secretary-Typist1962 - 1969R
SAYERK.J.1966 - 1967R
SCHAUMANNBridgetLibrary and careers2004 -
SCHOLTENJohnEducational Tutor
SCHRADERIan D.1980 - 1980RDied at Alexandra 16.1.2007.
SCOTTBradley Esmond2005-Twenty/20 World Cup in South Africa 2007.
SCOTTJennieFood and Nutrition2013 -
SHANKSBrianHOD Science- 2013
SHARMARobin [Rob]Arts Co-Ordinator & Social Studies
SHAWB.D.1961 - 1961R
SHIELDSDaryl L.Deputy Principal1985 - 2011 Farewelling Mr Daryl Shields, Deputy Rector, is, as they say, a 'rough ask'. Daryl and I go back a long, long way. We have caught next door to each other in two different schools, been colleagues in the King's English Department and shared much which is best confined to memory. When I began work as a Kermit-green 22 year old teacher at James Hargest High School, the stroppy young teacher next door, with longish, red hair, a passion for rugby, surfing and the Stones, was none other than Daryl. A fine disregard for pomp and pretension and an ability ro laugh at just about anything characterised Daryl then, and not much has changed, except for that hair.
Daryl, wherever he has taught, has liked and respected the kids, and they know that and appreciate it. He has been generous, approachable, caring, always prepared to help and still retains
that excitement over the simplest of things, the most modest of achievements in his pupils, that characterises a good teacher; just chat to Daryl about this year's Ul 5 Wildcats, read his contribution to the captain's magazine report or listen to his pithy Yr 13 citations at prize giving and you'll see the caring and enthusiasm is still there. Daryl has made a huge contribution to education in New Zealand and to King's, and we wish him well in his retirement.
SIMPSONAlexGroundsman1972 - 1981RDied 1992.
SIMPSONBrian RaiP1979 - 1979R
SIMPSONIan BrucePRector1981 - 1997RDeputy rector 1981. Rector 1982 to 1997.
SINCLAIRN.P.1962 - 1963R
SMITH DarrenScience2013 -
SMITHGlennArt- 2002
SMITHG.M.1940 - 1940R
SMITHR.M.1977 - 1981R
SMITHR.T.Physical education1951 - 1952RPart time.
SMITHWayneProperty Manager & Caretaker0000 - 2008RTo Hirepool.
SMITHDarinAssistant Principal
SMITHVivienneSpecial Needs
SPENCERGraeme SandersonP1959 - 1960ROf Ohope, Bay of Plenty. Died at Sydney, Australia 7.12.2000.
STANTONGraham NormanP1962 - 1962RDied at Cambridge, England 18.7.2009.
STEDMANG.N.1969 - 1974R
STEDMANR.1968 - 1968R1st term only.
STENHOUSEL.J.1964 - 1966R
STEVENSR.J.1973 - 1977R
STEWARTCamileTeacher Aid
STEWARTHayleyCareers - 2003
STEWARTMatthewMusic2013 -
STEWARTPeter J.1956 - 1956R3rd term only.
STEWARTPeter J.1960 - 1961RDied at Wellington Dec 1990.
STEWARTPeter J.1963 - 1966R
STEWARTPamOffice Manager1986 -
STONEMANM.J. [Mrs]1969 - 1969R3rd term only.
SUTHERLANDJ.N.1962 - 1966R
SUTHERLANDT.J.1973 - 1973R
SUTHERLANDY. [Mrs]1965 - 1965R3rd term only.
SWANA.G.1977 - 1977R
TABBMikePhysical Education- 2001Left for UK
TAGALOACatherineEducational Tutor teacher aideThere 2½ years at 17-12-2008.
TAGALOALawrenceEnhancement teacherThere 3 years at 17-12-2008. Former Auckland rugby league player.To Corrections department at Christchurch.
TAGGStewartEnglish2009 -2013To HOD English OBHS
TAJIMARyosukeEducational Tutor
TALBOTM.J.1974 - 1976R
TALLENTIRERossP1969 - 1970R
TANENathanMusic / Maori- 2013
TAYLOREvan ScottP1967 - 1968R
TAYLORNoel L.1960 - 1960RAt school 6 months.
TAYLORNoel L.1965 - 1966RDied at Dunedin 18.1.2000.
TAYLORP.Groundsman1982 - 1982R
TAYLORSueSpecial Needs
TEALJ. [Rev]1966 - 1967RPart time.
TEMPLETONMalcolm James C.P1945 - 1945R1st term only.
TENCIBernadetteEnglish2013 -
THELWELLM.A. [Mrs]Typist1975 - 1977R
THOMASLezleighSpecial needs-2001
THOMPSONAdamEducational Tutor
THOMSONG.S.1938 - 1939R
THORNNorman A.Bandmaster1946 - 1950RDied at Dunedin 6.11.1997.
TIEV.J. [Vern]1957 - 1962R
TIMLINN.P.1967 - 1984R
TOFIELDGeorge JohnP1964 - 1968R
TOFIELDGeorge JohnP1970 - 1997RTaught for 33 years at Kings. Vintage car enthusiast. Died at Mosgiel 13.4.2004.
TOLLEYM.C. [Mrs]1942 - 1945R
TOLLEYMary A.T. [Miss]1942 - 1942RTeaching I month only. Died at Wanaka 12.11.2007.
TROMPGerryCaretaker1975 - 1981R
TUCKR.C.1938 - 1946R
TURFUSIan Murray1979 - 1979RRelieving. Died 20.8.1981.F1
TURNBULLW.I.1974 - 1978R
TIMMSMavisSpecial Needs- 2002
TURNERColinGroundsman1983 -
TURNERGarry DeanPMathematics2008 -
VAN DER LOORobbieCaretaker0000 - 1994RCaretaker 7 years, previously groundsman.
VAN DER LOOPetrus [Piet][Peter]Caretaker1982 -Died 1991.
VERITYR.W.1978 - 1978R
VICKERSM. [Dr]1985 -
WADDICKT.J.1978 - 1979R
WAIDEKayeCanteen Manager
WALSHB.C.1970 - 1972RPart time in 1972.
WARRINGTONDavid GrayP1975 - 1977R
WARWICKPeter J.Music Teacher1971 - 1978RDied June 1985.
WATSONPeter C.Physical Education1984 - 2002
WATTM. McP.1951 - 1952R
WEBBC.J.1971 - 1971RPart time.
WEBBM.1973 - 1973R
WEEKSB. [Mrs]Secretary-Typist1969 - 1969R
WEGGERYJoanneEnglish - 2013
WEUSTONP.J.1968 - 1970R
WHITEA.W.1985 -
WHITWORTHJohn Cecil [Jack]P1950 - 1953RDied at Blenheim 5.3.2005.
WIFFIND.Physical education1949 - 1949RPart time.
WILLIAMSR.G. [Rod] DFC1961 - 1969RDied at Dunedin 28.5.1969.
WILLIAMSONK.A.1947 - 1947R
WILLIAMSONK.A.1956 - 1958R
WILSONA.B. [Mrs]1967 - 1969R
WILSONB.D.1968 - 1971R
WILSONG.R.1974 - 1975R
WILSONNorman L. [Norm]1956 - 1957RDied at Lower Hutt 10.10.2001.
WILSONW.J.B.1958 - 1964R
WOLFChristopher Brent [Brent]P1985 -
WOODWindsor Norman [Nigger]1936 - 1941RDied of sickness in Cairo, Egypt 28.3.1944 while serving with the Artillery Training depot.
WORSFOLDC.M. [Mrs]1968 - 1968RPart time.
WRIGHTRaymondAttendance Officer
WRIGHTKerenAccounting, Economics, Computing and Social Studies2004 -
WRIGHTONR.C.1962 - 1962R
WRIGHTONR.C.1965 - 1965R
YOUNGGailReceptionist- 2002
ZINSLIrayBiology, Science- 2002Started Ice Hockey at the School.
ZWENGJ. [Miss]1970 - 1971R
ZYLSTRAL.F. [Mrs]1978 - 1978R
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