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School Military Cadets took a major role in the School from its inception in 1936 until 1970 when the Government withdrew financial and administrative support for the unit.

In 1936 the Kings Battalion played a creditable part in a Ceremonial Parade for the Coronation of King George VI.  A Guard of honour was furnished for the Governor General on his arrival in Dunedin on June 7.

The Governor General inspected the Battalion in 1966


The Unit regularly paraded in the Anzac Day Service at the Cenotaph. The first week of school was always devoted to a ‘barracks’ week – military training for a week with no academic classes. This was followed by regular afternoon sessions of Cadet Training.

Cadet-parade Cadet-March-Past


The unit over the years had and Artillery Section, a Med a bugle band, a brass band (est 1945) and a pipe band. Bren guns and WW1 303 rifles played a major part in the training as did route marches and parades.


The Artillery Platoon in action

An Air Training Unit was established in 1942. The unit wore grey coloured  Air Force field service caps.


ATC Flight 3 1959

ATC Compass Traverse

A Sea Cadet Unit was established in 1952, The unit was issued with full seaman’s kit.



Rifle shooting was undertaken first at Lawyers Head and then at Pelichet Bay.  The School eventually acquired its own rifle range.


The War Years of Cadets at Kings from the School Magazines (Click on the dates below to get the links)

1939       1940       1941     1942     1943     1944     1945

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