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Old Boys at WW2

The list below is of Old Boys known to have seen service overseas. The list may be incomplete and we would welcome further information.



Navy Adams, A. H. Hook, R. H. McDonald, C. R.
Armitage, G. Jones, A. M. McGregor, G. \V.
Berwick, F. J. Keen, A. C. McKenzie, G. B.

Distinguished Conduct Medal

Bowie, R. ]. Kennedy, W. S.(Bill) was awarded the D.C.M. for gallantry when fighting the Japanese in the Solomon Islands McKenzie, H. B.

HMNZS Achilles

Boult, J. P.First old boy to see action. Served on Achilles during the battle of the River Plate Little, L. R. Pritchard, A. R.
 Cross of valourPolish ‘Cross of Valour’ Brown, T. C.Merchant Navy – able Seaman. Received the Polish ‘Cross of Valour’  for gallantry during bomber attacks on a convoy. Loasby, L. P. Rennie, A. J.
Callon, E. R. Logie, F. Robinson, C. W.
Campbell, L. M. Lyon, G. C. Salmon, W. J.
Currie, J. E. Malcolm, R. W. A. Spiers, L. W.
Dowland, E. H. Matthews, A. G. Sutherland, D. L.
Dowland, R. K. Maxted, E. K. Thomson, H. S.
Duffy, A. L. Milson, R. S. Weaver, J. M.
Gilchrist, A. J. Mitchell, K. D. White, M. H.
Hitchcock, R. D. McCracken, M. R.
 War MedalThe War Medal 1939-1945 Aitken, K. T. Klee, R. L. Purvis, R. B.
Anderson, J. W.Served in Greek campaign Langford, J. C. Ross, A. T. G.
Barrie, E. G. Lucas, \V. G. Rough, A. C.
Brent, G. S. Luke, D. T. M. Russell, D. H. B.
Brown, R. J. Melser, J. D. F. Sapsford, D. R.
Buchanan, R. W. Miles, N. T. Scott, G. W. R.
Cate, W. L. Morris, J. R. M. Scott, W. J.
Chetwin, A. H. Myles, A. M. Smithson, J. M.
Clark, W. A. S.Served in Italy Myles, M. H. Stratton, W. B. M.
 Italy star

The Italy Star

Coburn, A. L. McCash, S. Thomson, A. W.Wounded at Cassino, Italy. Returned to hospital in NZ to recover
Cowan, J. B. McFaull, J. P. Thompson, R. R.
Deuchrass, A. McGregor, E. R. Trott, S. E. L.
Dickie, R. A. McGregor, J. B. Walker, I. A.
Duffy, A. E. Mclvor, J. K. Wallace, T. D.
Pastier, A. M. McKellar, A. D. Ward, W. D.Served in Egypt before moving on to the Italian campaign.
Gibbs, W. H. McLean, F. K. Watson, G. H.Served in Egypt
Gibson, A. W.Served in Niue Island Newall, W. B. Waugh, W. A. H.
Grindley, E. C. O’Hara, C. C. White, R. R.
Hewitt, R. H. Parker, G. S. Williams, G. S.
Jarratt, H. H. Parker, G. T. Wilson, A. B.
Johnston, J. A. Perry, J. A.Served in Italy Wilson, I.Served in Italy
 Pacific star

The Pacific Star

Judson, A. R.Served as a field gunner in the Pacific and spent time in New Caledonia. Pickering, R. Wright, A. N.
King, E. H. Pollard, I. G.
AIR FORCE. Adams, C. M. Broadbent, E. M. Davidson, W. L.
Anderson, C. G. Brown, T. M. Dickson, A. 0.
Anderson, I. S. Burnett, C. A. Frew, K. D.
Annand, E. A. Butterworth, H. S. Gale, W.
Armstrong, J. S. Calvert, P. F. Geary, T. F. C.
Bagley, S. H. Carson, A. L. Grigg, G. H.
Barclay, E. L. Carson, W. A. Highet, G. R. B.Awarded D.F.C.Shot down 5 Japanese Zero aircraft
Bardsley, M. E. Claridge, H. K. Holmes, F. W.Served in the South West Pacific dive bombing Japanese positions. He later flew fighter aircraft.
Barron, T. D. Clark, J. H. Tngs, W. M.
Bennie, L. M. Cox, J. N. Johnson, L. A.
Brighting, J. A. Cunningham, A. Kempthorne, J. V.
Kennedy, W. S.
Kibblewhite, E. W. McGimpsey, G. F. Smith, 0.
Langford, A. R. Mclndoe, J. A. Titchener, G.
Lust, N. H. McKay, R. M. Tombs, E. A.

Distinguished Flying Cross

Macilree, J. J. Nicolson, J. M. Trott, W. A. L.Awarded the D.F.C. for galantry
Martin, L. P. North, H. S. Umbers, D. T.
Mercier, J. D.Awarded the D.F.C. for gallantry. Ombler, R. W. Valentine, J. A.Pilot Officer RNZAF. 1943 reported as a prisoner of war in Java after being missing for 2 years. He was in the fighting at Singapore, Java and Sumatra.
Miller, C. R.Served in the Middle East Park, G. A.Flight Lieutenant RNZAF. – flying Ventura and Mosquito aircraft in England with RAF.Highest ranking Air Force office from Old Boys Voysey, K.
 medal-mid-oak-leafMentioned in dispatches commendation Mills, A. S.Flying Corsair fighter aircraft at Bougainville. First ATC Cadet (and possibly the youngest at age 19) to down a Japanese Zero aircraft.Awarded the M.I.D. commendation for Galantry Paul, C. R. White, A. V.
Mitchell, A. N. Pritchard, R. R. White, L. K.
Murdoch, I. A.Flight Sergeant – RNZAF. He is a fighter pilot who was injured landing while fighting Japanese in the Solomon Islands. Purvis, C. R. Whitworth, E.
Murray, J. A. Roberts, L. R. Williamson, W. A.
McCready, J. M. Robertson, J. M. Wix, E. R.
McDonald, T. D. I. Rogers, J. A. Wood. A. H.
Slade, R. A.


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