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Annual Dinner 2015

The Annual Dinner of the Association was held at the Chisholm Links Golf Club Lounge on Thursday the 13th of August. We were honoured to have two of the School’s Wall of Fame Inductees as our Guest Speakers. Rector Dan Reddiex addressed the meeting also and spoke of the excellent academic and sporting progress being made. He also spelt out clearly the situation of the  proposed enrolment scheme for the School as put forward by the Ministry.

Those present enjoyed an excellent meal, conviviality with old friends and three very interesting speakers.

 Glenn-2 Ann-Denham David-Morell-2
 Glenn Denham Ann Denham David Morell
 Jim-Butler  Lindsay-Campbell  Neville-Hall-(Chin)
 Jim Butler  Lindsay Campbell  Neville Hall  (Chin)
 Ron-Cain  SEaton-and-Howie  Todd-et-al
 Ron and Betty Cain  Neil Seaton and Grant Howie  George Munro, Rob Saxton and Todd Marshall
 IMG_6365  Hugh-Kidd  Bob-Glass
 Gary Turner  Hugh Kidd  Bob Glass
Chris-George Ian-and-Glenda Huia
 Henry Van Dyk and Chris George  Ian and Glenda Simpson  David Morell , his Wife and Huia Ockwell
 IMG_6357  IMG_6362  Chris-George-and-Dan-Reddie
 Mac Stephens  David Horne gets help  Chris George with Lindsay Campbell and Dan Reddiex behind



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