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Join Us

Joining the Association

We welcome all ex-pupils (male or female) to become full members of the Old Boy’s Association and receive our publication ‘The Kingsmen’.

You can do this by sending the following information to PO Box 163, Dunedin including:

  • Your full name:
  • The years you attended Kings (if you can remember)
  • Your current address and Email address
  • A cheque for $20NZ made out to KHSOBA


Email: Office@kingshigh.school.nz but head Old Boy’s Association. Please include all the information listed above as well as an indication that you have paid the membership fee into our bank account (See below).


Payment of $20NZ to King’s High School Old Boy’s Association for membership deposited directly into our bank account.

Our account number is:

Bank of NZ, 98 George Street, Dunedin, New Zealand 02 0900 0062936 00

Any Old Boy or Girl, ex Staff Member, Friend of the School should e-mail to the following address if they wish their names to be placed on the Mailing List: sps@kingshigh.school.nz.

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