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Cricket First Elevens

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1940’s Cricketn

1940 – Cricket


Winners Secondary Schools Grade, 1940.
Row 3: D. N. Dunbar, K. J. Carnegie, R. D. McLeod, J. R. Hodgson, J. H. Heslop, F. N. Pringle, Mr E. Hayes.
Row 2: A. Cunningham, D. H. Murdoch, T. F. C. Geary (captain), 0. E. N. Wood, R. W. Smith.
Row 1: D. S. Coombs, G. C. McKay, M. R. Caradus.
Absent: R. L. Fastier.

v. John McGlashan.
King’s 206 and 119 for six wickets.
McGlashan 129 and 95.
An outright win.
Return game.
King’s 178 for nine wickets declared.
McGlashan 111.
A first innings win.
v. Otago Boys’ High School.
O.B.H.S. 174 and 110.
King’s 175 and 104 for seven wickets.
A first innings win.
Return game.
O.B.H.S. 6 and 120.
King’s 304 for two wickets declared (Geary i67 not out, Dunbar
76 not out).
An outright win.

v. University.
University 41 and 200.
King’s 172 for five wickets declared and 77 for one wicket.
An outright win.
Waitaki 68 (Geary hat trick) and 83 (Woodhouse 32).
King’s 166 (Murdoch 50, McKay 34).
An outright win.
1941 – Cricket


Row 2: G. W. Valentine, J. H. Allan, W. G. Clayton, Mr. E. Hayes, W. S. Fleming, J. H. Heslop, F. W. Holmes.
Row 1: H. R. Caradus, D. S. Coombs, R. W. Smith (Captain), W. J. Lennox, K. H. Murdoch.
Absent: H. H. Colquhoun, G. B. Smith.

Interschool resul

v Waitaki BHS  a draw



1943 – Cricket


Row 3: Weaver P. R. C., Graham, L. B., Tomkins, A. U., Grant, B. U., Rowley, A. A., Russell, H. A., McConnachie, J. A.
Row 2: Kenyon, K. J., Gordon, F. R. (Captain) ; Mr E. Hayes, Doig, J. A., Stevens, L. H.
Row 1: Jones, A. S., Chisholm, W. B., Godby, W.

Results of First Eleven matches:—
Versus Christian Brothers: King’s 243 and 32 for one wicket, C.B.H.S.
135 and 122. An outright win.
Return match: King’s 151 and 65, C.B.H.S. 150 and 105. An outright loss.
Versus Otago Boys’ High: King’s 154, O.B.H.S. 189. Loss on the first innings.
Versus MoGlashan: King’s 168 and 112 for three wickets, McGlashan 66 and 11 2. An outright win.

The Waitaki Boys’ High School defeated King’s in the annual match at Oamaru on November 25 and 26 by an innings and 66 runs,
the scores being: Waitaki, 279 for 3 wickets (declared); King’s, 125
and 88.



1945 – Cricket


Row 3: H C. Templeton, I. C. Templeton, M. G. Howley, Mr. E. Hayes, S. T. Jones, A. S. Jones, J. L. Angell.
Row 2: S. Shaw, J. A. McConnachie, G. G. Marsh.
Row 1: K. J. Kenyon, L. H. Stevens, J. D. Alderson.

Absent: J. G. Baines

Back row: J. E. Bray, I. W. Page, L. L. Lucas, W. E. F. Edgar, J. Cunningham, K. S. Callon, K. J. Kenyon.
Front row: C. G. Betts, M. G. Howley, Mr. E. Hayes, S. T. Jones (Captain), H. C. Templeton, E. Shields.

v Waitaki Boys     Cancelled because of an outbreak of mumps in Oamaru

v OBHS                loss    OBHS 178 ; Kings 169 (A one day game)

v Southland Boys   win         Southland 104 (Cunningham 4 for 34)and 63 (Cunningham 4 for 29) ; Kings 186



1947 Cricket


Back row: J. Cunningham, P. M. Sim, G. A. Paterson, W. C. F. Edgar, J. E. Bray.
Front row: Mr. E. Hayes. M. H. Packer, L. L. Lucas, J. W. Hargreaves, M. W. West, I. W. Page (captain), E. Shiels, H. C. Templeton, W. Dickson.

v OBHS                      draw  OBHS 159 and 84 for 4  ; Kings 225(Jones 110 retired, Kenyon 51)

v Waitaki Boys           loss    Kings 116 and 111  ; Waitaki 172 (Jones 4 wickets) and 65 for 1

v Southland Boys        draw    Kings 109 and 228 for 5 (Cunningham 85 not out) ; Southland 127 and 130 for 8




1948 Cricket


Back row: S. G. Dunn, E. J. Simpson, W. H. Grant, J. A. Lambert, G. A. Patterson, J. M. Dickson, L. L. Lucas. H. J. Ross, D. E. Pearson.

Front row: A Hayes, M. W. Cheyne, Mr. E. Hayes, A. J. Scorgie, W. M. Duff.


v Waitaki Boys             loss   Waitaki 291 and 15 for none ;  Kings 176 (Cunningham 63) and 126

v Southland Boys           loss   Kings 75 and 67 ; Southland 149 for 8 declared (Bray 5 for 55)

v OBHS                        draw Kings 114 and 54 for none ; OBHS 255 for 7 declared



1949 Cricket


Back Row: W. H. Grant, P. J. Skelton, J. M. Dickson. J. A. Lambert, E. J. Simpson.
Middle Row: M. E. Brookes, A. Hayes, R. J. Mitchell, L. L. Lucas, W. M. Duff, R. C. Murray, Mr. Hayes.
Front Row: A. D. Long, G. A. Paterson, S. G. Dunn (Captain), D. E. Pearson.

v Waitaki Boys                    draw  Waitaki 374; Kings 144 and 144 for 7

v OBHS                               win    Kings 169 and 156 ;  OBHS 96(Lucas 4 for 6) and 218 (Bray 5 for 32 and Murray 5 for 46)

v Southland Boys                   loss   Southland 209; Kings 63 and 135
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