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Basketball First Teams

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1962 Basketball


Row 2: S. Robertson, R. Campbell, I. Brown, D. Foster, L. Smith

Row 1: D. Oliphant, R. Bryant, R. Garland, M. Telfer, Mr. J. Wilson
1963 Basketball


Row 1: J. Craig, R. Bryant, I. Bown, D. Foster, M. Oliphant, L. Smith
1964 Basketball


Row 2: B. Cowan, A. Fort, M. Oliphant, L. Smith, J. Steffens

Row 1: I. Brown (Captain), Mr. Ray Flavell, J. Craig (Club Captain)


v OBHS                          loss   40 – 84

v Shirley Boys                 win   65 – 37


1965 Basketball


Row 2: Mr. Ray Flavell, S. Bacon, L. Scott, B. Young, B. Johnston, P. Smith

Row 1: R. Leeden, R. Pannell, A. McKerrow (Captain), B. Cowan, S. McLeod


v OBHS                      Loss   36 – 20

v Southland Boys        Loss    42 – 29

v Shirley Boys            Win    36 – 23

v South Otago            Win



Basketball – 1966


Row 2: A McKerrow, B Johnston, ?  , B Young , L Scott

Row 1: Mr Vernon Tie,  R. Pannell, Mr Ray Flavell

1967  Basketball


Row 2: Mr. D. Brook, B. Rodden, K. Pearson, D. Ferguson, A. Millar

Row 1: G. Mc Vie, B. Young, A. Ward, (Absent Mr L. Pearson Coach)


v OBHS                           loss     36 – 51

v Southland Boys              win    63 – 47

v Shirley Boys                  win    60 – 42
1968 Basketball


Row 2: P.J.  Gillan, D. Ferguson, N. Buddicom, L.J. Pearson,

Row 1: Mr.B.  Wilson, B.R. Young (Captain), C.J. Edmonds, A.R. Ward, A.D. Millar


v OBHS                            loss  50 – 56

v Southland Boys               loss  30 – 54

v Shirley Boys                   win  30 – 22


1969 Basketball


Kings High School 1st Basketball Team 1969 – Winner South Island Schools Championship
Row 2: Stuart Heal   Lawrence Pearson   Peter Gillon   Chris Edmonds
Row 1: Barry Wilson (Asst Coach)   Brian Drake   Alan Ward   Bruce Young (Captain)   John Kitchen   Paul Young   Dave Warrington (Manager)
Absent: Lance Pearson (Coach)


v Otago Boys High School                                win                             79 – 59

v Southland Boys high School                           win                             68 – 43

v Shirley Boys High School                                win                          120 – 43

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1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s

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