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Rowing Teams


1957 Rowing


A. Simmers, M. Farrant, C. Mantell, W. Townsend, J. White (cox).




1959 Rowing


(Bow): Malcolm Arnold, Jeff Fountain,    ?, Ian Smith, Ron Inglis, Bill Little, Bill Stewart, Digby Flockton (Stroke), Cox: Maurice White




1963 Rowing


Back Row: B. Johnston, N. Lusk, P. Small, I. Turfus, A. Rumble.
Front Row: E. Hitt, L. Foley, Mr E. D. Fraser, J. Hogan, B .. Markham.
In Front: G. Foley.




1964 Rowing


Back Row: D. Pattillo, W. Thompson, Mr R. Flavell, E. Wilson, P. Pilkington.
Front Row: J. Hogan, N. Lusk, R. Standage, L. Foley.
In Front: D. Cochrane.




1968 Rowing


Back row: Searle, D. R.; Graham, D. I.; Hunter, K.; Clifford, M. A; Simmers, D. G.; Cambridge, 0. R. S.
Front row: Rae, L. S.; Inglis, Mr R.; Cochrane, G. S.; Amos, W. M.

 2000 Rowing


Sam Morrison, Tony Wilson, Ben Johnson, Tim Horner, Mrs Nemeschanski



2007 Rowing


Row 2: Hayden George, Simon Wallace

Row 1: Travis McIntosh, Kai Daniel, Simon Conrad


2016 Rowing

Row 1: Gray Gibson, Mitchell Booth, Quinn Hawthorne, Tom Jones, Tarn Ockwell, Tony Locke

Row 2: Mr Maker (Coach), Michael Freeman, Jack Laney, Kyle Hughes, Joshua Parcell-Calkin, Campbell Booth, Mr Conrad

WallHJ ParcelJOSSRA Term 1 Regatta
Senior quad: Mitchell Anderson (stroke), Jack Laney, Kyle Hughes and Mitchell Booth

First Race: 1st

Sweeping four: 1st.

Senior double: Anderson and Laney:  1st

Senior singles race: Laney:  1st

South Island Secondary Schools Regatta

This was a great regatta. Everybody performed to their best and some great racing resulted. We made seven A finals and the results of those are as follows;

4th U18L 4+      M Anderson, K Hughes, M Booth, C Booth

4th NU18 2X     T Ockwell, G Gibson

6th U16 4X        T Lock, C Booth J Parcell, A Brown

7th U17 1X        J Laney

7th U18L 2X      M Booth, K Hughes

8th U18 2-        M Booth, K Hughes

8th U16 2X        T Lock, C Booth


NZ Secondary Schools’ rowing Championships MAADI Cup Lake Ruataniwha

U18 lightweight coxed 4 of Mitchell Anderson, Kyle Hughes, Mitchell Booth, Campbell Booth and coxswain, Harrison Booth  – 4th in Heats

Repercharges: 2nd

Final  – 7th.

2017 Rowing

ROW 1: Jona Cooper, Ben Mills, Daniel Hughes, George Procter.
ROW 2: Mr Kelvin Maker (Coach), Alex Brown, Tom Jones, Jordan Green, Mitchell Anderson (Coach).
ROW 3: Harry Booth, Max McCormick, Archie O’Sullivan, Fynn Helliwell.

Back on the 800m home course the boys snatched a few placings;
1st U15 4+
2nd U15 4+
2nd U15 8+

The last regatta of the season saw the squad claiming the following placings;
2nd U15 8+
3rd Nov 1X G Procter
3rd U15 8
3rd U15 4+ A O’Sullivan, M McCormick, J Green, H Booth, cox J Cooper

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