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Volleyball 1970

Row 2: K. Clark, A. Mills, P. Gilchrist, G. Emery

Row 1: L Cowan, C. Pearson, Mr.P. Harris, B. Drake, G. Wong

Volleyball 1971

(Mr P. Harris)
The squad was G. Wong, P. Gilchrist, C. Baker, S. Reid, L. Cowan, E. Willis, and P. Knox. Playing in a newly constituted local competition of ten teams with especially hard games against O.B.H.S. the team performed consistently well to win.
The New Zealand Secondary Schoolboys’ Tournament in Wellington produced dis¬appointing results with the team rather unsettled.
One problem faced with this new sport is the varying quality at interschool level but this should be overcome with wider acceptance of the sport.

Row 1: G. C. Wong, E. M. Willis, L. R. Cowan.
Row 2: S. G. Read, P. W. Gilchrist, C. D. Baker, P. A. Knox.

Volleyball 1972

No photo

The squad this year was R. Sutherland, G. Kindley, R. Smith, P. Stringer, M. Knox, P. Foster, 0. Gibbons, R. Carter and P. Neilson.

Volleyball 1973

No photo or team list

Volleyball 1974

No photo or team list


Volleyball 1975

Row 3:G. Hargreaves, P. Brown, C. Stephen.
Row 2:· N. Stephen, T. Piho, G. Laws, R. Wilden, G. Dragunow, C. Mowat.
Row 1: Mr. W. Turnbull, K. McManus, H. Leckie, M. Oark, P. Ritchie, B. Wolf, Mr. R. Baker.

1976 Volleyball

Row 2: M. Edgar, R. Wilden.
Row 1: B. Wolf, T. Piho, C. Stephen, Mr P. Gilchrist, R.C. Dickson, N. Birch, W. Koh Ching.

1977 Volleyball

Row 2: M.R.Edgar, Mr. P.Gilchrist, P.J.Notman,
Row 1: A.C. Brocklebank, G.N.Clark, T.Piho, C.B.Wolf, P.F.Hynes, G.C.McAuley.

1978 Volleyball

Row 2: M.R. Edgar, Mr. P.Gilchrist, P.J. Notman,
Row: A.C. Brocklebank. G.N. Clark, T. Piho, C.B. Wolf, P.F. Hynes, G.C. McAuley.

Row 2: P. Fogarty, W. Bowen, W. Butler, G. McKinlay, G. Clark, P. Hynes,
Row 1: Mr. R. Baker, S. Clark, D. Hay.

1979 Volleyball

Row 2: M.R. Edgar, Mr. P.Gilchrist, P.J. Notman,
Row 1: A.C. Brocklebank. G.N. Clark, T. Piho, C.B. Wolf, P.F. Hynes, G.C. McAuley.


Volleyball 1980

Row 2: · Grant James, Matthew Wright, Glen Denham, Marc Hinton.
Row 1:  Peter Hynes, Steve Clark, Mr Peter Gilchrist (Coach).
Absent: Peter Mathias, Graeme MacKinlay.

National Tournament – Kings finished in 3rd place.

NZ Representatives

Under  17 to play in New Caladonia – Glen Denham

Under 20 To play in Australia – Peeter Hynes


Volleyball 1981


Row 2: Richard Fogarty, Steven Hynes, Grant James, Marc Hinton, Todd Marshall.
Row 1:  Chris Herbert, Peter Mathias, Glen Denham, Mr Robert Hayward, Richard Green, Darren Munro.

Volleyball 1982


Row 2: Michael Fogarty, Richard Green, Darren Munro

Row 1: ? Smith, Glenn Denham,  Mr Bob Hayward. Mark Hinton, Todd Marshall

1983 Volleyball

Row 2: Darren Munro, Grant Williams, Ray Rawlings, Tony McNaught.
Row 1:  Chris Stephens, Gary Faulds, Mr. R. Hayward, Tony Herbert, Richard Fogarty.

1984 Volleyball

Row 2: Mr R. Hayward, Grant Weaver, Stephen Clarke, Barry Bryant, Simon Campbell, Ricky Maultby, Mr N Andrews
Row 1: Shaun Weaich·, Ray· Rawlings, Tony McNaught, Daniel Dickison, Tony Herbert.
Absent: Richard Fogarty {Captain}, Wayne, Peterson

Amongst the 1984 highlights have been:
1. Another 2nd placing at the National Schools’ Championships.
2. A win in the Inter-school fixture against Shirley B.H.S.
3. The selection of Tony Mc Naught and Barry Bryant for the N. Z. Under 18 team.
4. The increase in the number of school teams to 13 playing in the local schools’ competition

1985 Volleyball

Row 2: Stephen Clarke, Mark Stumbles, Rhyse Bartlett, Grant Weaver, Ricky Maultby.
Row 1: Mr R. Hayward, Simon Campbell, Barry Bryant (Captain), Daniel Dickison, Mr N. Andrews (Manager).
Absent:  Shaun Weaich.

1986 Volleyball

Row 2:Mark Stumbles, Mr C.B. Wolf (Manager).
Row 1:Simon Campbell, Daniel Dickison, Barry Bryant (Captain), Grant Weaver.
Absent: Michael Hynds, Ricky Maultby, Keith Maultby, Mr Doug Smith (Coach)
4th placing at National Championships

1987 Volleyball

Row 2: Mr R. W. Geerlofs (Assistant Coach), Wayne Bremner, Andrew Campbell, Carey Gardner, Mark Stumbles
Row 1: Justin Chaney, Shane Taylor, Ricci Newland (Gaptain), Peter Barnes
Absent: Mr Doug Smith (Coach), Stephen Scoon

1988 Volleyball

Row 3: Glen Marston, Callum Haddow
Row 2: Paul Lancaster, Chris Nicholson, Mr R. W. Geerlofs (Manager), Carey Gardner, Matthew Barr
Row 1: Chris Maclean, Wayne Bremner, Justin Chaney (Captain), Andy Campbell, Peter Barnes, Ricci Newland
Absent: Doug Smith (Coach), Stephen Scoon

1989 Volleyball

Row 2: Mr R.W. Geerlofs, Casey Mee, Edward Raeli, Glenn Simon, Mr G. Weaver
Row 1: Glen Marston, Craig McDowall, Chris Maclean, Darryl Mann, Callum Haddow
Absent: Adam Gain, Sapina Raeli, Stephen Scoon, Aaron Williams, Ricci Newland

1992 Volleyball

Row 3: Kyle Cameron, Dean Hand
Row 2: Mr G.J. Tofield (Manager), Ricki Brundell, . Sam Sala, Tom Smillie
Row 1: Scott Maclean, Douglas Metimeti, Andrew McCombe (Captain), Edward Raeli, Craig McDowall
Absent: Kai Keith, Mike Dillon
2000 Volleyball


Row 2: Mr Brown, Solo Afioga, Nineva Vaitupu, Ilai Manu, Hayden Brenssell
Row 1: Tamati Tamakehu, Uili Kolo’ofa’i, Isaia Piho, James Piho


2007 Volleyball


Row 2: Mr D Koni, Reece Vaitupu, Simon Wallace, Simon Conrad

Row 1: Aotea Hakaumotu, Jake Mausii, Lima Mann, Paul Tupai, Kyle Newton

2016 Volleyball


1st row from left; Woll Patu, Ewan Stewart, Sam Ryan, Josh Aitcheson, Louis Grant, Setu Setu
2nd row from left; Mr Andy Campbell, Bradley Quine, Orion Marshall, Mr Paterson


2017 Volleyball

ROW 1:  Lemanu Ma’asi, Ryan Jones, Ta’u Latu, Ronan Aitcheson, Andrew Clarkson.

ROW 2: Ewan Stewart, Logan Taimalie, Samuel Ryan.

ABSENT:  Mr Andy Campbell (Coach), William Patu, Setu Setu

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