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MacAskill, B. A.; Marks, B. J.; MacRae, C.; Ardley, G. G.; Tall, A. H.

2017 Shooting

Small bore rifle Shooting

ROW 1: Lester Stevenson, James Young, Cameron Bradley, Angus Weir.

ROW  2: Nic Brosnahan, John Stanway (Coach).;



v Waitaki Boys’ High.                                      win

V Otago Boys’ High School                 win

v Southland Boys’ High School            win

 National Triple S shoot                       5th

Cam Colson won the ungraded individual title

Lester Stevenson finishing 2nd in the D grade event.

Target Shooting NZ Challenge            3rd

 Nic Brosnahan   4th highest male shooter (from 142 shooters).

Otago Secondary Schools’ champs     winners

ROW 1:  Andrew Whitehead, Will Mathieson, Cody Burrell, Scott Thomas, Trent Pirie.

ROW 2: Ms Barbara May (Manager).

ABSENT Jackson Thomson.


 v Waitaki Boys’ High School               loss

v Southland Boys’ High School            loss

 Will Mathieson 3rd in the Dunedin Collegiate shoot for single barrel.


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