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Touch Rugby

2016 Touch Rugby

Row 1: Matt Horne, Sam Cook, Jacob Sutherland, Tom Pledger, Isaac Jamison, Josh Duff (Co-Captain), Taine Hand

Row 2: Mr Koni (Coach), Sam Rowe, Josh Dolan, Jack Clement, Meihana Schooner, Hala Moata’ane

 Row 3:Henri Mitchell-Collie, James Te Pairi (Co-captain), Tim Barham, Sam Stewart, Tom Hume

 Absent; Mr Cassidy (Manager)


2017 Touch Rugby

ROW 1: Jonah Palu, Taine Hand, Hala Moata’ane, Ryan Gilbert, Issac Jamieson, Angus Cameron.

ROW 2:  Mrs Jopson (Manager), James Te Pairi (Vice-Captain), Tim Barham, Trevor Elisara, Tom

Hume (Co-Captain), Henri Mitchell-Collie, Mr Koni (Coach).

 ABSENT Jack Clement, Josh Duff (Co-Captain), Matt Horne, Sam Rowe, Meihana Schooner.


Otago Secondary Schools’ Tournament,

v Otago Boys’                                     win                        7-6.

V  John McGlashan                          win                         by 8 touchdowns

Final                                                 win                      8-3


South Island Secondary Schools’ Tournament

V Shirley Boys’                                  win                         6-3

V Timaru Boys’                                  win                         10-3

V Papanui team                                win                         10-6


v Christchurch Boys’ High School.              Win                        11-7


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