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2016 Futsal


Row 1:  Jareth Elliott-Dodds, Jesse Tough, Raniera Meihana, Paul Ritter

Row 2: Peter Wong, Zac Mitchell-Beatson

King’s entered four senior and eight junior teams entered the Futsal South High School competition


2017 Futsal

Daniel Bosworth, Kyle Burns, Tane Russell.

ABSENT Connor Cleghorn, James Heathman, Matthew Sowman, Tunui Wano.

This year saw a continuation in the popularity of Futsal at King’s. Four Senior and
eight Junior teams entered the Futsal South, High School competition held on
Thursday afternoons at the Edgar Centre Terms 1 and 4. More than 100 boys played
Futsal regularly this year, many enjoying the opportunity to keep fitness and agility
for related winter sports codes

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