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2016 Harriers

Row 1:Sam Rekittke, William Scharpf, Matthew McCutcheon, Sam Rowe, Jaecob Taei, Josh Rademeyer, Noah Scott

Row 2:Mr Anderson (Manager), Nathan Hastie, Flynn Haig, George Bates, Matthew Satterthwaite, Mrs Chapman (Manager), George Proctor

 Row 3: Felix McDonald, Drew Cairney, Jordan Ward, Leon Cossou, Finn Ward, Liam Condliffe, Grant Koedyk (Teacher in charge)

 Row 4: Malachi Buschl, Zac Mason, Jack Addis, Sam Gouverneur, Matt Wong, Daniel Dickie

Row 5; Louis Gouverneur, Cameron Gardiner, Andrew Smith, Alex Brown, Matt Milton

 Absent; Daniel Dickie, Jacob Granger, Tane McCallion, Sam O’Kane, Declan Parsons

Logan Park Individual Road Race
Senior runners: Zac Mason 6th, Andrew Smith 7th, Jacob Granger 10th and Sam Gouverneur 12th.

Caversham Relays
In the senior section there were 12 teams with our Senior A team placing 2nd, Senior B 4th then our other teams came came in 6th, 9th and 11t

Otago-Southland Cross Country Relays- At Tokomiriro High School

In the senior race our A team was 3rd (Sam Gouverneur, Josh Aitcheson, Ben Kiore and Malachi Buschl), our other teams came in 4th,7th, 10th and 11th.

Otago Cross Country Champsat Kaikorai Valley College
Andrew Smith 2nd. Malachi Buschl 3rd, Zac Mason 5th, Andrew Smith 8th and Jordan Ward 10th.Teams Race 2nd


2017 Harriers

ROW 1:  Sam Cosgrove, Ollie Young, George Procter, Harry Mason, Hugh Askerud, Patrick Ward.

ROW 2:  Mr Geoff Anderson, Matthew McCutcheon, William Scharpf, Malachi Buschl, Leon Cossou, Brock Roderique, Mr Koedyk.

ROW 3:  Finn Ward, Flynn Haig, Drew Cairney, Daniel Dickie, Jordan  Frost, George Bates. 4TH ROW Matt Milton, Zac Mason, Sammy Johnson, Alex Brown, Sam Gouverneur.


Drew Cairney 2nd, Zac Mason 3rd, Finn Ward 7th.


senior team of Drew Cairney, Zach Mason, Sam Gouverneur and Malachi Buschl,            2nd


In the Under 16 (4km) race, Zach Mason ran strongly to finish 3rd, Malachi Buschl was 5th

and Finn Ward 7th which gave us 1st place in the teams. Also Wilhelm Kunze came 12th,

Daniel Dickie 13th and Jordan Frost 14th. This effort gave us a 3rd in the team event.

2018 Cross Country

1st row; Sam Larsen, Patrick Ward, Brayden Scott, Hugh Askerud, Ollie Young, Sam Cosgrove, Nathan Hill
2nd row; Grant Koedyk (Manager), Spencer Gable, Harry Mason, Riley Smith, Scott Butler-Pollock, Finn Ward
3rd row; Ezekiel Stewart, Leon Cossou, Drew Cairney, Matthew McCutcheon, Nathan Hastie, George Bates, Oli Phillips
4th row; William Scharpf, Liam Condliffe, Sammy Johnson, Samuel O’Kane, Alex Brown, Jordan Frost
Absent: Chi Campbell, Flynn Haig, William McCutcheon, Ben Taylor, Matt Wong


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