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The School Band


1957 Brass Band
Row 3: Ian Gamble, Ian Farrant, Bill Renfree, Murray Stanton, Athol Meder, Graham Fortune, Bill McLean

Row 2: Barry Galloway, Alex Chang, KenMc Grath, Neville Kennedy, Brendon Wilson, Colin Bain,  Mr. Mcdonald

Row 1: Bill Little, Bill Townsend, Colin Brunton, Ian Bingham, Graeme Cuthbert,  Roger Dunbar, Ledley Cleland, Peter Mulqueen, G. Carter

Absent: Bevan Rix,  Geof Leeden


1958 – Band
Row 2: I. W. Gamble, G. C. Fortune, I. F. Farrant, M. J. Stanton, A. E. Meder, B. W. Galloway, A. R. Chang, N. Thomas, W. Little, P. Mulqueen, J. R. Wilhelmsen, W. Moore, R. Dunbar.
Row 1: C. Bain, G. P. M Lean, A. M. Rumble, R. A. McBride, W. R. Gasson, R. D. Campbell, B. R. Wilson, P. M. Kennedy, I. C. Bingham, R. L. Cleland, C. C. Brunton.
Standing: Mr. R. B. McDonald, P. G. J. Stuart, C. J. Stratton.




1959 – Band


Back Row: I. F. Farrant, B. W. Galloway, A. E. Meder, M. J. Stanton, R. A. McBride, A. Chang, G. A. Downie.
Second Row: W. G. Little, A. M. Rumble. G. P. McLean, J. G. Todd, M. Gasson, R. D. Campbell, P. N. Kennedy, C. J. Stratton, Mr. McDonald.
Front Row : G. E. Robertson, R. L. Cleland, L. M. Wilson, G. A. Johnston, R. L. M. Dunbar, C. C. Brunton, C. F. P. Harris, J. R. Wilhelmsen.




1960 Brass Band

Back Row: C. J. Stratton, P. L. Gough, A. Rumble, R. A. McBride, A. Chang, G. R. Downie, D. R. Prentice.
Middle Row: C. W. Nicol, G. E. Robinson, A. W. Baylis, G. A. Johnson, J. L. Clark, B. H. Tregonning, M. Gasson, Mr I. Bassett.
Front Row: J. R. Wilhelmsen, G. Patterson, R. L. Cleland, L. M. Wilson, W. A. Moore, J. Hogan, G. A. Johnson.




1962 Band


Back Row: J. Stratton, M. Patterson, J. Wallart, R. McNulty, R. McBride, D. McKechnie, B. Spittle, B. Johnston, B. Tregonning, Mr L. Green.
Front Row: J. Wilhelmsen, L. Mackle, B. Mackle, T. Wilson, C. Gillan, R. McLintock, G. Patterson, J. Hogan.




1963 Brass Band


Back Row: B. Tregonning, P. Smith, M. Patterson, R. McNulty, J. Clark, B. Johnston, A. Ferguson.
Middle Row: L. Mazey, J. Wallaart, J. Hogan, M. McGoun, D. Corbett, R. Bracefield, N. Rumble.
Front: Row: M. Carter, T. Wilson, D. Ferguson, Mr A. Brieseman, G. Letham, B. Mackle, G. Patterson.




Back Row: C. Gillon, D. Smith, P. Robertson, R. Booth, M. McGee, D. Stewart, S. Cameron (Drum Major).
Front Row: M. Cockerill, P. Thomson, J. Munro (Pipe Major), A. Cochrane, R. Wilson.






1964 Brass Band

Back Row: Mr A. Brieseman (conductor), A. Ferguson, P. Johnstone, R. McNulty, P. Smith, J. Clark, B.Tregonning, T. Wilson.
Front Row: R. Bracefield, D. Ferguson, M. McGoun, J. Hogan, M. Patterson, M. Carter.



1964 Pipe Band


Back Row: Mr A. R. Pelvin, R. Parker, C. Gillan, P. Robertson, D. Stewart, C. P. Evans.
Front Row: M. Cockerill, P. J. Thompson (pipe major), I. Reddington (drum major), E. R. Wilson, C. MacRae.




1965 Brass Band
Back Row: L. Pearson, P. Craigie, S. McKenzie, S. Bacon; M. McGoun, K. Dawson, D. Simmers, E. Moore.
Front Row: D. Ferguson, M. Patterson, B. Tregonning, Mr N. Peacock, G. Gibson, A. Rive, R. Bracefield.



1965 Pipe Band
Back Row: R. Parker, D. Stewart.
Front Row: C. Gillian, R. Wilson, S. McLeod, C. McCrae, Mr Pelvin.




1967 Brass Band


Back row: D. Rodwell, N. Wilson, E. Bosworth, E. Moore, Mr A. Brieseman, P. Craigie, M. McLachlan, R. Notman, A. Beamish.

Front row: G. Carter, A. Daley, L. Pearson, G. Gibson, R. Ayers, J. McBain, S. Beamish, B. Simpson, D. Scoular.




1968 Brass Band


Back row: , R. Notman, D. Rodwell, M. McLachlan, P. Craigie, D. Scoullar, E. Bosworth, R. Sutherland, M. Patterson

Second row: C. Oakland, P. B. Childs, 0. B. Winefield, E. Moore, A. Daley, M. Degarnham, K. R. Hunt, P. J. Larkin, B. Johnstone

Front: P. de Wattignar, K. Geary, W. Myers




1969 Brass Band


Back row: A. Rapp, C. Daley, F. Craigie, D. Scoular, E. Bosworth, D. Rodwell, R. Notman.

Centre row: B. Gillon, A. Patterson, N. Sudgroat, M. McLachlan, J. McBain, B. Johnston.

Front row: M. Knox, P. Childs, 0. Winefield, A. Daley, Mr A. Brieseman, E. Moore, D. Gillon, N. Gillon, C. Oatley.




1970 Band


Row 2: D. Williamson, D. Rodwell, B. Gillan, N. Sadgrove, P. Craigie, D. Scoular, N. Patterson, M. McNulty, S. Sinclair

Row 1: C. Oatley, B. Johnston, M. Larkins, Mr. H. Ide, D. Gillon, M. Knox, N. Gillon

Absent: N. Winefield

1982 – Band

1998 – Big Band



2016 Jazz Band

Jazz Band – Queen Bee and the Swing Kings

 Our combined King’s & Queen’s High Jazz Band has had another busy year. Directed by Paul Claman and assisted by music staff from both schools, the group rehearses weekly in the music room at Queen’s High School.

The band has worked tirelessly to learn a new repertoire for 2016, which it has had the pleasure of performing at a number of occasions this year including both King’s and Queen’s Open Days and Nights.

Once again the Jazz Band travelled to sunny Blenheim for the annual Southern Youth Jam Jazz Festival.  It was the tenth year the combined Jazz Band has participated in the annual festival and this year proved to be another enjoyable experience for all (see separate report).

The Band includes 13 King’s boys ranging from Year 13 to Year 9: Jake Andrews (2nd alto sax), Bradley Taylor (1st Trumpet), Alec Rogers (1sttenor sax), Felix Morrison (guitar), Dale Dai (keys), Thomas Somerfield (2nd trumpet), Luke Otley (keys), Reuben Morison (2nd alto sax), Alex McAdam (trombone), Max McCormick (double bass), Corey Symon (trombone), Matthew Wong (2nd tenor sax), Oscar Te Morenga-Wakelin (clarinet), Ryan McCleery (clarinet), Logan Cadzow (3rd trumpet).

Late night rehearsal

Felix Morrison

Luke Otley












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