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Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meeting 2021

This year we welcomed two new members to the Committee -Grant Howie and Mark Scott. President Chris George made a presentation to Christine Bell who retired from the Committee after five years of service.

Rector Nick McIvor reported to the meeting on the difficulties of last year when the school was in lock down and how well the boys had coped.  Our academic results were excellent and King’s compares very well with schools that have twice our roll. Schools like the top North Island schools for example Auckland Grammar with a roll of 2606 pupils or Christchurch’s Burnside High School with a roll of 2499.  The Hockey Turf which the School has use of until 4.30 each day is well under way. Major gymnasium developments and the creation of a Maori cultural space will be happening this year.

Guest Speaker Hugh Kidd was presented with a King’s High School Commemorative Cap by President Chris. Hugh spoke about his life from 1937 through the difficulties of the WW2 years and problems with school staffing. A large number of staff members were away at the war and untrained and retired teachers were helping to staff primary and secondary schools. Kings had nine staff who went to the war – quite a lot out of a staff of about 14.  After the war returning soldiers who wanted to teach were given a 1 year “pressure cooker teacher training course and rushed into service to cope with the rapidly growing school populations.  These were difficult years.

The evening was rounded off by President Chris gaining the meetings approval to purchases recognition badges for the Rector to award to pupils who were demonstrating good achievement with the School Strategic objectives of excellence, respect, integrity, fairness, responsibility, participation and compassion. It was resolved that our subscriptions remain at $20.

Top Table – Rector Nick McIvor, President Chris George and Secretary David Horne New Committee Members – Grant Howie and Mark Scott Chris George congratulate Christine Bell George Munro, Bryan Frost and Glenn Dickson
Brian Farrant and Ron Cain Chris George presents Christine Bell with flowers on her retirement from the Committee Guest Speaker Hugh Kidd Chris George and Christine Bell

Annual General Meeting 2020

Chris George was elected President of the Old Boys Association at the 2020 AGM. He is keen to see the involvement of our Old Boys in supporting sporting and other events that the School participates in. The newly appointed Vice President is Bradley Scott. These guys deserve all of our support in the coming year. Immediate Past President Doug Jackson was awarded a Life Membership for the great support he has given over many years. Doug will continue to work with the committee. Bob Glass retired from the committee after giving very long service as our treasurer and Chairman of the 60th reunion Committee. The other retiree was our loyal worker for several years, George Munro.
Rector Nick McIvor addressed the meeting – the School artificial turf go ahead has been finalized and the 3 million dollar project will start soon. The school has had remarkable success in both academic and sporting areas. Our Shakespearean Actors were recently successful in a national competition.
The Guest Speaker, Glenn Dickson told of his early relationships with the school. His Father and Uncles all attended Kings. He was most impressed when Richard Hokianga, then a Kings pupil, came to his primary school and taught the haka. Richard chose Glenn to be the haka leader. Glenn is now Director of Sport at the School. He has been excited with how five of the larger sports at the School have been very successful nationally. Our Hockey Boys being top in the country. Glenn is keen to see Old Boys supporting school sports in any way they can be it by attending games, helping with finance or by promoting events etc.
 Bob Glass Nick McIvor  Chris George Glenn Dickson

Annual General Meeting 2019

The AGM and Autumn get together (Photos – John Barr)
The 2019 AGM and Autumn get together was held in the School Library on Tuesday the 30th of April. Former staff member Bryan Frost spoke to the assembled group on his experiences over the past 44 years at the School. He recalled the efforts made by various Rectors under some very changing social conditions. His address highlighted the importance of a strong Rector on the development and growth of the School.
Acting Rector for this term, the very capable Roger Moses, gave a brief but interesting address of his years at Wellington College. He demonstrated how he was up with the play, getting to know and working with King’s boys He spoke of how he was asked to be on the group that selected the new Rector, Nick McIvor. He was most impressed with the quality of the candidates and particularly impressed with Nick McIvor. He feels that Nick is a very experienced and suitable person to lead Kings in the coming years.
Officers elected for the coming year were Doug Jackson (President), Chris George (Vice President), Dave Horne (Secretary) Colin Nicholls (Treasurer).


Roger Moses speaks Mac Stephens and

Hec Browett. Guest Speaker Bryan Frost looks on.

George Munro chats with Ron Cain.

President Doug Jackson looks on.

Hugh Kidd and Simon Cushen talk with

Dave Ashton.

Past staff member Bryan Frost, the evenings

guest Speaker.


Bradley Scott and Simon Cushen engrossed

with Bryan Frost’s talk.

Hugh Kidd with Ian Simpson and Hec Browett. Vice President Chris George. Treasurer Colin Nichols
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