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Annual Dinner 2021

The Annual Dinner was held on  Thursday 12th August 2021 at the Chisholm Park Golf Course Lounge. President Chris George entertained us with his welcoming address in the form of an impersonation of Sam Hunt the humorous New Zealand Poet. We were again fortunate to be able to recognise the four  School “Wall of Fame” old boys: Ben Smith, Joe Anderson, Graham Sinclair and Craig Scott.  Chris read a comment about his feeling for King’s from Eric “Joe” ANDERSON – retired District Court Judge who was unable to attend due to illness. This was followed by an interesting PowerPoint presentation from the School’s latest All Black, Ben Smith. We were fortunate in having Craig Scott and Graham Sinclair’s son Mark in attendance.

Ben Smith Craig Scott Mark Sinclair – Graham Sinclair’s son Neil MacAndrew
Barry Dodds and Ken Harris Hartley Meder Bruce Markham and Roger Dodds Kelvin Fisher
Neville and Shona Kennedy Brian and Alan Nicholls Kelvin Maker  and Mark Scott Paul Grainger and Lox Kellas
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