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NZ Senior Sports Representatives


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1968 to 1969

Bevan Arnott 


Barry Gillan 

Bruce Burns

Cliff Simpson

!950 British Empire Games, Auckland

880 yards – Clifford Simpson – 6th place. (1m 56.0s)
1 Mile – Clifford Simpson – 6th, heat 2 (4m 26.6s)- eliminated
1968 to 1970

Bill Speirs

New Zealand National Champion

1968 High Jump  W Spiers. Otago height 1.955m

1969.High Jump  W Spiers. Otago height. 6′ 5”. or 2.03m

1970 High Jump  W Spiers. Otago height 1.955m


Alan Thurlow

Athletics NZ all time best top 20 in the Men’s’ Open  5000m in 13 place with a time of 13:31.40, Alan Thurlow,19 January 1980 (Athletic NZ Almanac)

Athletic NZ all time best top 20 Men’s Open 10000m in 10th place, with a time of 28:28.5, Alan Thurlow,  21 March 1978  (Athletic NZ Almanac)

 Ross Thurlow


1974, 1977

Stuart Melville

1949 to 1963.

Jeff Robson


Larry Scott

1988, 89, 90, 91, 94, 95, 97

Glen Denham . Captain 1990-1993,

Hayden Allen

Hayden debuted in the NBL as a teenager for Otago Nuggets has played every season over the past 14 years. He enjoyed his best season in 2001, when he averaged 20 points a game and was named to the All-Star Five. He won titles in 2002 with Waikato Titans and 2012 with Auckland Pirates. Although Hayden has come very close to pulling on the black singlet over his career, he has never quite earned Tall Blacks selection before this.

2012 -2016  

Josh Aitcheson 

Josh Aitcheson, was selected in the New Zealand Team to play at the 3×3 Basketball Super Quest event in Manila this April. They will play against 11 other 3×3 teams from the Asian zone.
The 3×3 basketball game will debut at the Olympics next year. It is the largest urban team sport of the world.

Josh made the Dunedin schools Senior-A team in his first year at Kings.
Since then Josh has played National League Basketball for the Southland  Canterbury
and Otago teams. He has also been a squad member of the Junior Tall Blacks, he says his time with the national outfit has helped his game develop.


Ricky Drew 

1980 to 1983

Eldon Clifdon 


Barry Milburn 

Attended Kings High School in 1957

Barry Douglas Milburn (born in Dunedin on 24 November 1943) was a cricketer who played three Tests for New Zealand in 1969.

Milburn was a lower-order right-handed batsman and a competent wicketkeeper who played for Otago from 1963 to 1983. He was one of a succession of New Zealand Test wicketkeepers of modest batting ability in the mid to late 1960s, and was first choice for only one Test series, the three matches in New Zealand against the West Indies in 1968-69 when, like his predecessor Roy Harford he batted at number 11. Milburn also toured England in 1969 and India in 1969-70, but Ken Wadsworth, a much better bat, was seen as the principal keeper on both tours, though an injury in the later stages of the England tour did not help Milburn’s cause at a time when Wadsworth was also struggling for runs.


 Keith Campbell 


Warren Lees 


Warwick Larkins 

Warwick toured England in 1978 as a scorer for the NZ cricket team, and unexpectedly made his international debut when he played in their one-day match versus Holland in Amsterdam. The team had several of its members ill at the time Warwick’s skills as a cricketer were called upon.


Ken Rutherford  Captain 1992-95


Brendon McCullum  Captain 2008


Nathan McCullum


Bradley Scott 
Bradley Scott became a serial fringe member for New Zealand over the past year without being required for on-field national duty. A left-arm fast bowler and useful lower-order batsman, Scott was part of the extended 30-man World Cup outfit, but didn’t make the Caribbean cut, and was in a similar position for the 2006 Champions Trophy. However, he was finally chosen for a senior trip when picked for the ICC World Twenty20 instead of James Franklin. Scott did not get a game but the tour itself was the reward for a productive visit to Australia with New Zealand A that built on the domestic gains he made with Otago in 2006-07. He captured 27 State Championship wickets at 23.62 last season – four more than the previous campaign – and posted his second first-class half-century. The 2007-08 season saw one of his best performances as he finished the overall joint second-highest wicket-taker in the State Championship with 31 wickets at 19.77.


Bill Clapperton mid 


Michael Crooks 


Ggordon-mccauley-gmc-coachordon McCauley  Road Cycling

Commonwealth Games 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010

Bronze medal 2006 40km TT Melbourne

World Road Race Championships 2000, 2007, 2010

Oceania Games 1993, 1997, 2005, 2006

Gold 40km TT 2005,2006 Gold Road Race 2005

NZ under men’s national coach 2012

Member of the NZ Commonwealth Games team for the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games in road cycling.


Cross Country

Geoff Anderson 

1957 1965

 Pat Sidon  Captain
Pat first represented New Zealand in 1957 against Australia and captained New Zealand at the world cross-country championships in 1965.

1979 –  1981

Alan Thurlow   

The Senior men’s race at the 1979 IAAF World Cross Country Championships was held in Limerick, Ireland, at the Greenpark Racecourse on March 25, 1979 – Alan Thurlow (NZ) 111 place out of 191 starters from 26 countries.

The Senior men’s race at the 1981 IAAF World Cross Country Championships was held in Madrid, Spain, at the Hippodromo de la Zarzuela on March 28, 1981.-Alan Thurlow 151 place out of  238 athletes from 35 countries.

1982, 1984

Gary Lamb 

1959 to 1963

Cliff Mould 

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