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Rugby First Fifteens

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Rugby First Fifteens


1936: Rugby


I. A. Murdoch (Captain), A. R, Pritchard, V. D.G. Agnew, A. N. Mitchell, L. M. Campbell, H. J. Sapsford, J. A. Valentine, J. M. Smithson, E.R. McGregor, E. G. Borrie, J. A. Graham, T. M. Brown, W. B. M. Stratton, G. C. Lyon, D. B. Clark, R. B. Neill, G. S. Williams, F. A. Newlands, W. A. H. Waugh.

It was decided that our uniform should consist of a light blue jersey with a dark blue monogram and dark blue shorts. It is proposed that in the future our First Fifteen will wear a distinctive crest in place of the monogram and also dark blue hose with light blue tops.
This season the First Fifteen played in the Fifth Grade competition, and six teams were entered in the Secondary Schools competition. Although we were somewhat cramped through lack of grounds, we had a very successful and enjoyable season, and the standard of play showed a very pleasing improvement as the season progressed, and the teams gave a good account of themselves in their matches.

v South Otago High School   Lost 3-19
1937: Rugby

l. A. Murdoch (Captain), L. M. Campbell, H. J. Sapsford, D. R. Sapsford, J. R. Hodgson, G. S. Williams, T. M. Brown, W. B. M. Stratton, W. A. H. Waugh, J. A. Valentine, J. M. Smithson, T. F. C. Geary, J. A. Rogers, E.G. Borrie, F. L. Klee, D. B. Clark, A. T. Raines, C. C. O’Hara.


v St Kevins College     Lost  0-14
v South Otago HS        Won 20-3
v S.B.H.S 2nd               Won 8-3
v Palmerston DHS       Won 27-3


1938 Rugby


Row 3: G. S. Williams, A.H. Chetwin, J. M. Smithson, W.D. Ward, J. A. Valentine (Vice Captain), D.R. Sapsford, J. A.Rogers, J. M, Nicholson.
Row 2: Mr. R. Fraser, T. F. C. Geary , H.J. Sapsford (Captain), A. A. Joel, Mr. L. F. Ensor
Row 1: D. B. Clark. J. B. MacGregor, G. H. Watson, D. H. Murdoch, E. H. Dowland


v O.B.H.S        lost 9-8
v S.B.H.S        won 11-3
v St. Kevins    won 8-3


1939 Rugby


Row 3: R. F. Ainge, J. P. Malcolm, G. H. Watson, J. R. Hodgson, H. K. Claridge, F. G. B. Brown, R. W. Smith.
Row 2: G. B. MacKenzie, T. F. C. Geary, Mr. R. Fraser, C. H. Irwin, A. Cunningham.
Row 1: G. F. McGill H. H. Murdoch, A. A. Joel (Captain), A. H. Adams, C R. Anderson.
Absent: A. W. Gibson, J. A. Rogers.


v Otago BHS lost 3 – 19

v Southland BHS  lost 0-9

v St. Kevins lost 0 – 12

v Waitaki BHS  lost 8 – 35


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