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Photographic Records

1956      1957       1958       1959       1960        1961        1962        1963         1964        1965        1966        1967        1968        1981



Photographic Record 1956

•The School Diary

•Staff v First XI Football


•School Dance

•Cross Country Races

•Boys at work

•The School Drama Club

•Biological Survey at Second Beach

Camera Club record: 1956 year


Photographic Record 1957

•The School Diary

•Annual Athletics Sports

•American Field Scholar – Dennis McMurdie

•The School Dance

•Cross Country Races


• Mr Emslie – Candidate for the St. Kilda Electorate

•General Miscellaneous photos

1957 Camera Club Records


Photographic Record 1958

•The School Diary

•The Athletic Sports

•The School Swimming Sports

•The Camera Club outing to Tunnel Beach

•O.B.H.S intershool rugby

•Staff v First Eleven Football

•H.M.S. Pinafore

•Biology Field trips


•The School Cross Country

Camera Club Record: 1958



Photographic Record 1959

•The School Diary

•Athletic Sports

•Boys out and about the School Grounds

•The rifle range

•The Cricket wicket

•The Camera Club Hike to the Peninsular

•The Pirates of Penzance

•Cross Country Races

•Visiting English Cricketers


Camera Club Record: 1959


Photographic Record 1961

•The School Diary

•The New Gym

•The School Dance

•School Gala Day

•Rugby 1961

•The Cross Country Races

•Mid-Winter Swim

•Staff Capers

•Staff in action

•Around the School Grounds

•Some Tricksters

•The Annual Athletic Sports

•The Swimming Sports

•Sea Cadets

•The Camera Club Hike

•General Happenings

•Charley’s Aunt

•The Gypsy Baron

Camera Club Record: 1961


Photographic Record 1962

•The School Diary


•The Athletic Sports

•Mr Wrighton’s puncture

•Teacher capers

•Around and about

•The Amies process

•Boys around the School

•The Camera Club

•The opening of the Gymnasium

•The Swimming Sports

•The School Gala Day


•Anzac Day

Camera Club Record: 1962



Photographic Record 1963


•School diary

•Athletic Sports



•First XV v Masters

•Field Scholars

•Noyes Fludde


•Boys at Play




•Swimming Sports





Photographic Record 1964

•School Diary

•Science Staff

•Staff at the Athletics Sports

•Cross Country

•Swimming Sports



•Doctor Faustus

•More Drama

•Camera Club at Pleasant Valley


•Staff Capers

•The new Block – Craig Wing

•More Staff Capers

•Boys at Play



Photographic Record 1965

•School Diary

•Visitors to the School


•Boys at work and play

•Prefects Hockey match v Queens High

•Teacher’s Capers

•Swimming sports

•Rugby v Shirley Boys

•More Teacher’s Capers

•Basketball v Shirley Boys

•Sports Day

•Science Department

•At the Gym


•The Mikado

•Anzac Day

•Field Scholars Depart for the US



Photographic Record 1966

•Governor General’s Visit

• Sir Edmund Hillary’s Visit

•Camera Club outing at Woodside


•Staff Capers

•Cross Country

•Prefects v QHS Hockey

•Mr Craigs last assembly

•6A production – ‘Everyman’

•Waitaki Boys rugby Interschool

•6th Geogrsaphy field trip to the Otago Peninsula

•Boys at work and play

•The New Rector – Jack Bremner

•Jim at Work



Photographic Record 1967


•Swimming Sports

•Staff Capers

•Sea Cadet Tramp


•Cross Country Races

•Boys about the School

•Mufti day

•Prefects Hockey v Queens High School


•More Staff Capers

•Hockey v OBHS



Photographic Record 1968

•Athletic Sports

•Swimming Sports

•The Camera Club Excursion

•Boys at Work and Play

•Prefects v Queens Prefects Hockey

•The Car Club Rally

•Teachers Capers

•The Cross Country

•Camera Club Competitions


•Bits and Pieces

The Camera Club Record 1968


Photographic Record 1981

  •  The School year
  • The end of an era – Mr Bremner to Mr Simpson
  • Fitness Track
  • Open evening
  • Music
  • Trail Riding
  • Anzac Day
  • Outdoor Education
  • Computing
  • The Athletics Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Staff Matters
  • Rugby
  • Boys at work and play
  • The School Formal

The School Year 1981

Kingsweek 2010 photographic record

2010 yearbook



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